Frequently Asked

Comparable Programs

What are the closest alternative to your programs?

Both and are good programs amongst the international MOOCs. In both though, you are on your own, and neither of them has the rigor or thoroughness of our program.

There is really no online alternative to our programs.. Our programs are live; our teaching, labs, office hours, are all on live video. Furthermore, we have purposely designed our courses and learning environment to be collaborative. 

We are closely modelled after the world’s top universities - especially Harvard university, since two of our founding faculty are from Harvard. We believe we improve on them in one crucial aspect: lots more mentorship. We literally ensure that you learn. The only way to obtain a richer experience, is to perhaps attend a world class university. 

How are you different than other online programs?

During the course of your journey with us, you will experience all the dimensions that together create an exceptional learning experience – for example, working on research problems with great faculty, real-world problems with industry, exposure to the greatest thinkers in the field, pushing the boundaries of conventional learning, and more. You will also be challenged a lot more. Pushed to achieve more.

From a great institution must graduate great students, and it is our commitment to create the right conditions for towering accomplishment.

How do your certificate programs compare with degrees from other institutions?

Our 11-month programs are equivalent in rigour and intensity to non-thesis programs at the world’s elite institutions. We recognize that the top employers of today have begun to de-emphasize degrees over knowledge and ability to execute. This is our focus as well.

That said, we do plan to introduce degree programs in the future. These will have a slightly different, more academic focus.

Time Commitment

I would like to follow a more relaxed schedule. What options do I have?

Our programs are somewhat intense and fast paced. They are designed to get you to your employment, academic, or performance goals quickly. Should you however wish to follow a more relaxed pace, you can take a 6-12 week break anytime during the program once, (or more times if absolutely necessary), and come back to where you left off. This has to be planned in advance, so that space in subsequent classes can be reserved for you. 

How much time do I need to commit every week for this program?

Live lectures and labs together will need about 4-5 hours of your time. Homeworks will need another 3-4 hours. Mentor office-hours and help sessions are discretionary, and may take up to 6 hours per week. So we expect you to take about 10-12 hours week. However, to excel, and to truly be among the best, you’ll probably need to put in more work above and beyond the minimum necessary.

I work full-time, Can I take this Program?

Yes, all the live sessions in all our programs are held in the evening (Indian Standard Time). Session recordings are available on video immediately after they are completed. Since our programs are heavily mentorship driven, you’ll learn faster and better than even at the most elite institutions.

Program Structure

Can students currently enrolled in degree programs at universities take your programs?

Yes, we welcome committed and ambitious students to take our programs. Our programs demand a high-level of commitment, and for students who demonstrate such commitment, our programs will lead to amazing learning outcomes.

Who can take your programs?

Anyone! People treat AI as a separate field but it is truly a skill that everyone needs to know, whether they are social or physical scientists, engineers, or medical professionals. We suspect that students and working professionals who wish to take up a career in Data Science & Engineering, Machine Learning and AI will find our programs particularly useful.

How do your programs work?

Our program structure is explained in detail under the How it works section of our website. All our programs comprise a series of 5-6 week modules. Each module consists of 4-5 weeks of classes, labs, mentor sessions, and home works. During those 4-5 weeks, classes are held twice a week at 7:30pm IST. In the 5th or 6th week you work on a project.

Help and mentorship

How do you mentor students?

We assign your study group a mentor for an entire module. For those 5-6 weeks, your mentor will conduct your labs, help sessions, and office hours on live video. Your mentor will work through the labs alongside you on live video, where you will be able to work together with other members on a shared screen, discussing and typing in lines of code.


We recognize that it might be hard to have all questions answered and doubts clarified synchronously and live. Thus we provide excellent discussion forums where you can discuss concepts and questions along with your peers from your cohort, your mentors, and your module instructor. These forum scan also be used to discuss other ideas in the subject matter, your projects, and whatever else you and your peers would like to learn.


Similarly during office hours, and help sessions, you can take advantage of your Mentor’s presence to address issues with home works, projects or concepts taught during the classes.


We build-in many hours of mentorship into the learning process, so that you are never left waiting to make progress. We ensure that you learn rapidly and make quick progress.

You have a group-study model. How is my study group formed?

We will give you an option to form your own study group incase you know others in your cohort. Else, we will assign your study group based on our algorithms. A study group will consist of 2-3 people.

How are we graded and evaluated?

We conduct both group and individual evaluations. Evaluations are based on your class performance (exercises), labs, home works, and projects. We ask that you always participate and attempt exercises even if you get them wrong: participation counts towards your grade. Detailed evaluation criteria will be published prior to each module by the module instructor.


For programs which have a capstone project, a significant part of our grade will come from your capstone project.


Do you assist with employment?

Career placements are a key part of your programs. Our placements coordinator will bring you top employment opportunities and arrange for them to interview you. In addition we will hold several employment related career fairs both online, where companies will present their Data Science and AI jobs, share with you their hiring plans, and invite applications. We ensure that our highly trained candidates get the best jobs around the world.

Higher Education

What are my options for high education after taking your programs?

Sending our students off to top graduate programs is one of our goals. Some of our early graduates are expected to join top graduate programs later this year. Learn more about them here.


As you are aware, our professors are form the world’s most renowned institutions. With their help, and of course by doing well in our programs, you will be in an excellent position to further your goals for a top-tier MS or PhD program.


Any aspect of our program which helps toward this the opportunity to work with our faculty on research. By participating in our research opportunities, you will be able to both gain familiarity and experience with university research programs around the world, and establish your worthiness to gain admission to their graduate programs well ahead of your applications.

Fee Payment & Scholarships and Financial Aid

Can I pay the pay my program fees in instalments?

We will soon announce a financial aid/loan program with ZestMoney that lets you pay your program fees in monthly Zero Interest EMIs. You will be able to choose that option when you proceed to pay your fees. Once you are evaluated and approved for the loan, you can start paying in monthly ZeroInterest EMIs

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, our scholarships are strictly merit based. The top scorers in a Module, based on their scores get either full or partial scholarship for the next Module.