How it works

We re-create the learning environment and rigour of the world’s most renowned and elite institutions. Top professors teach you. World class TAs mentor you.

At Univ.AI, we do absolutely everything LIVE.


LIVE Classes

Professors teach in 30-minsegments, with exercises &quizzes to aid comprehension and retention.

Exercises & Quizzes

Class time includes problem-solving exercises and quizzes, with TAs available to assist with understanding.



TAs lead interactive labs once or twice a week to accelerate learning & provide a mentored environment for applying new concepts.


During Labs, a peer-learning environment led by a TA enhances the learning experience by allowing students to share knowledge & learn at a faster pace.



Homework assignments involve larger & more complex problems and serve as a follow-up to lab work. Homework is often completed in groups.


Peer learning in labs is applied to homework assignments, leading to superior work, enhanced comprehension, & improved problem-solving skills.


Office Hours

TAs & faculty hold office hours to answer questions about concepts, labs, & homework. These live sessions ensure that students have conceptual clarity throughout their learning journey.

Discussion Boards

TAs provide support on discussion boards & have live sessions to assist with learning.


Course-end projects

Students work on a hands-on project in the final week of each course, applying their Data Science or ML skills to a real-world problem & learning to solve complex problems.


Projects help students apply their learnings in work settings and become "production-ready." They are carefully evaluated and added to a student's long-term repository at Univ.AI.

How it works


We have very carefully designed the coursework to give you, the student, a wholesome learning experience. We will hold two weekend sessions per week for a total of five weeks.


Before the session begins, students are expected to complete a pre-class reading assignment and attempt a quiz.

During Session

During the session, we will have live instruction interspaced with collaborative coding in small groups assisted by our teaching assistants. This will help you develop intuition for the core concepts and provide guidance on technical details.


After the session, students are expected to complete a short post-class quiz based on the principal concepts covered in class.

session structure


A lab is a TA driven 1.5 hour session that is divided into 3 major parts

Each lab begins by revisiting the quizzes and exercises done in the previous lecture session.After discussing exercises, we will have a semi-formal Q/A session.

All doubts pertaining, but not limited, to the previous session, and homeworks are welcome. The last part of the labs deals predominantly with the upcoming homeworks. It is directed towards giving a brief overview of the homework problem. We will discuss some code to help you get started.

Lab structure


Rigorous, multi-dimensional evaluation is a cornerstone of our program. Your grade is a weighted average of your scores in different work-sections. Program grades are calculated by averaging course-grades. A typical representation of evaluation weightages is illustrated here.

evalutation parameters


We have a 2-tier certification system:
Certificate of Exceptional Performance

Students who score a grade A are rewarded with a special merit certificate.

Certificate of Successful Completion

All students who successfully complete the course receive a certificate of completion.