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How it works

We create Data Science and AI Experts by adapting the best learning methods for the online world. And we do absolutely everything LIVE!


Live Classes

Every week celebrated professors teach classes in short 15–20 minute segments, each followed by a quick problem, to ensure engaged learning.

A lecture consists of 3–4 such segments. Lectures and Labs are typically held twice a week for 1.5–2.5 hours each.

Live class schedule for Univ.AI

Intensive Mentorship

A mentor supervises a small group of 10-20 students. They conduct labs, provide office hours and debrief homework. Your group will get 15 Hours/week to interact with the Mentor.

* Even more mentor hours can be requested as per your discussion with your mentor

Mentor driven learning at Univ.AI. Here is visual representation of their schedule

Applied Learning

Our system of learning starts with key concepts in lectures, and builds on them rapidly by engaging students in problem solving of increasing complexity.

First with in-class quizzes, followed by labs and homeworks, culminating in an end-of-module project. The finale for the entire program is a major project called the capstone.



In-class quizzes after each 15-20 minute lecture segment helps you review your learning immediately. This cements your conceptual understanding, and also increases long term recall.



Both during, and at the end of each lecture, Mentors guide their assigned study groups through a highly interactive hands-on lab using our education platform. In these Labs, students and their Mentors together walk through a lab step-by-step.

End-of-Module Project

At the end of each module, you work on a complex problem that challenges you to apply what you learned during the module. As always, your Mentor will work with your group and you, LIVE, to help you make the best of your project.


Short problem-sets test and reinforce your learning key concepts covered in the classes. These get you ready for longer, context-rich Assignments in which you apply these ideas to complex problems. Short problem-sets follow every lecture. Longer Homeworks are typically given once each week.

end of module project

The  Master Series

The  Master Series is a three-part progressive series for gaining expertise in Data Science or Artificial Intelligence. The third and the final part of this series is the Z program. It is a 10-12 week capstone, which immerses you in one of our partner companies or a pioneering research faculty from around the world. In the Z program, you will apply cutting edge skill-sets gained through the X and Y programs; to work on a complex project that simulates a challenge you encounter in a real-world research project or a company, where you manage deadlines and budgets.

To take the Z program, Univ.AI’s expert mentors recommend learners to take the X and then the Y certification programs prior to this, either continuously or with breaks. Direct entries to the Z program are through an entrance test, if you already are an advanced learner or practitioner.

All applicants who finish the Z program get placement support from Univ.AI’s industry leading experts and mentors. The most credited students of the program scoring an ‘A’ grade get guaranteed placements at top-notch global opportunities in AI and Data Science.

Excellence in AI education



Rigorous, multi-dimensional evaluation is a cornerstone of our program. Evaluation consists of 4 parts:

• Performance in classroom quizzes
• Team and individual homeworks
• Performance in projects
• Overall ability to work in teams

Some parts are automatically graded, such as quizzes. Home works and projects are evaluated by your Mentor. Top projects are evaluated and graded faculty. Projects and Capstones are carefully evaluated, and become part of a student’s long-term repository at Univ.AI.

Pursue Master programs in 3 sequential, standalone certifications of 10-12 weeks each.

Program X: Gain a Professional Certification and the eligibility for entry level opportunities

Program Y: Gain an Expert Certification and the eligibility for coveted mid to senior level positions

Program Z: Get a Master Certification and a guaranteed* top-tier placement

*subject to your performance