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Exceptional talent for entire Data science & AI ecosystem - handpicked & trained by Harvard and UCLA lecturers.

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We specialise in top [remote] talent and teams at compelling cost.

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We train top-tier Data Science and AI talent. Univ.AI talent is evaluated rigorously over a period of at least 6-weeks by professors and industry leaders.

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Need an entire Data Science team quickly? We can put together an entire team of Data Scientists, Data Engineers, ETL professionals, and Python programmers.


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You leverage world class talent. We take care of all payroll & benefits.

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Data Science/ML/AI projects

From the design of a project, to its delivery and execution, our cutting-edge teams can help with all or Data Engineering and Data Science needs.

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Data Prep, Data Annotation, and Labelling

We bring our extensive resources, and partner network to bear on Data preparation needs. We specialise in expert-led Data-annotation and labelling needs.

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Understanding contract ontology and structure to automatically classify and execute contracts, as well as to author new contracts.

Client is one of the world’s leading players in contract management.

Patient Characterisation

Project involves using auto-encoders on patient data to characterise patients by disease and lifecycle.

Client is a health-care giant based in the eastern coast of the United States.

Oil & Gas Exploration

Using encoder-decoder models to learn water pressure and saturation fields in oilfields to determine exploration strategy.

Client is a US oil and gas major.

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