You have taken the next step towards becoming one of the best trained ML & AI experts in the world. If you aren’t sure about which program to pick, here is a quick guide.

I’m interested in:

Offered Programs

You should pick Master ML & AI if:

  • You are a beginner and have a background in programming.
  • You wish to pursue a high-end technical career as an ML & AI expert.

You should pick Fast ML & AI if:

  • You are a beginner and have a background in programming.
  • You want to work in project/program/product management, or in business management. OR,
  • You want start learning ML & AI training but unable to devote 9-12 months. Begin with Fast ML & AI, and follow up with AI-Y and AI-Z when you can.

Note: Space is reserved for program candidates in advance and only the remaining seats offered "stand-alone."

You should pick Master Deep Learning if:

  • You are specifically interested in Deep Learning
  • You are a beginner OR already know the basics of ML/Data Science.

Note: Beginners can begin with Master Deep Learning and convert to Master ML & AI by taking ML-X at any time.

Offered Courses

Select courses are offered stand alone, especially for advanced learners. We are currently offering the following courses -

  • AI-3 NLP (course is part of AI-Y micro-certification, and Master Programs) - enrolment is open
  • AI-4 Generative Models and Reinforcement Learning (course is part of AI-Y micro-certification, and Master Programs) - enrolment opening soon.

Offered Micro-Certifications

If you are an advanced candidate and know your learning needs very well, enrol in the micro-certification of your choice - ML-X or AI-X/Y/Z based your needs.

Note that Program track students are guaranteed places in modules & courses, and only the remaining seats are offered to micro-certification candidates.


All our Programs offer pay-as-you go fee payments. You pay only for the module/micro-certification that you are about to start. For example, if you are about to Master ML & AI now, your first module will be ML-X comprising courses ML-1 and ML-2.  To enrol, you will only be asked to pay the fee for for ML-X. You will be invoiced for the next module, AI-Y before it starts.

Financial Assistance

EMI payments are available to everyone on based on an application on the payment page.


Scholarships are available in limited numbers. And offer partial financial fee support based on merit or means. Apply here

Application Process

1. Log-in.

2. Select desired Program, Micro-Certification, or course.

3. Fill application questionnaire.

4. You may be asked to take a short test. If so, you will have to wait for results before you can be accepted.

5. Pay to enrol.

6. If you need a scholarship, first apply here