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Founded by Harvard and UCLA faculty, a true online alternative to the world’s top institutions for AI and Data Science. Meet the founding professors.

Rahul Dave, Chief Scientist Univ.AI
Rahul Dave
Formerly Harvard University

“Our vision here is that if you cannot go to MIT or Harvard, then Univ.AI is where you should be."

Achuta Kadambi, founding faculty Univ.AI
Achuta Kadambi

“I run the Visual Machines Group at UCLA, I’ll help you train to be an exceptional computer vision expert."

Learn LIVE, from the best

Top instructors teach you their craft, LIVE!. No compromise training ensures you get to the top.


Be mentored LIVE, everyday

Have your questions addressed everyday. Make fast progress. Expert mentoring is the key to becoming an expert yourself.

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Elite Career

Top Placements

Interview with the best employers during PLACEMENT WEEK. Once every 3 months, beginning January 2021. List of recruiters to be announced. See Careers page.

Practice Internship

Jumpstart your career. Apply for an internships with Univ.AI faculty and partner companies.
Coming soon.

Graduate Schools

Univ.AI graduates go to top universities for advanced degrees. Earn Univ.AI faculty’s support and recommendations.

Carefully designed for working professionals and students

Completely online, LIVE!

6 week modules, with breaks in between.

Evening classes twice a week, one on a weekday, the other on a weekend.

Mentor sessions 4 days a week.

Our Alumni are at

Financing for everyone

No-Cost EMIs
Apply for interest-free EMIs via our banking partner.

Income Sharing Agreement
Pay only 30% of the course fee at the start. Once you graduate, pay in installments of 15% of your monthly salary for 24 months at the end of which you will be free of any financial obligation to us.

Scholarships for the best
Univ.AI Scholarships are available for the most promising candidates, based on performance on our application test, and overall application strength. Our generous scholarships are designed to cover a major portion of the course fee. So that you can focus on fulfiling your potential. Take the test today!

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Frequently asked questions

Who should take Univ.AI programs?

Univ.AI offers programs both for people who are just starting their AI and Data Science learning journey, and those that have completed their basic training. If you are already well trained, then you may apply directly for a Capstone or Practice Internship to transition to  professional employment.

Can I attend only single modules/courses?

From time to time we will make available a limited number of seats for a module on a stand-alone basis. Please check current offerings on the Programs page.

What if I miss live classes?

You can review recorded videos which are available soon after class. You can seek help if you need any during  your daily* live mentor sessions. {* except designated off-days}

How much mentor help can I get?

Mentors hold sessions for everyday* for upto 2 hours. That ensures you have a session to attend when you need one.
{* except designated off-days}

Where do Univ.AI alums work?

Our alums work at Microsoft, Cisco, Mindtree, Deloitte and several prominent startups. A significant number of our alums choose to attend graduate school at top institutions. Recently our alums have gained acceptance to Carnegie Mellon, Harvard, UCLA, University of Michigan, Georgia Tech and University of British Columbia among others.

Does everyone get to attend an Internship?

Master, and Advanced Programs feature Capstone Projects and/or Internships with Univ.AI, or partner companies. Internships are conducted jointly under Univ.AI and sponsor companies.

What kind of jobs may I expect after my Univ.AI program?

With Univ.AI's rigorous training, you are certain to get one of the best. Univ.AI organises ‘Placement Weeks’ every quarter for top employers to interview prospective graduates. Get your dream job at Placement Week.

Can I leave a Univ.AI program mid-way and get a refund for the remainder of my program?

If you choose to leave a program within the first two weeks from the start, we will refund you 80% of your program fee. This is only available to those enrolled in programs that are 6-months or longer.

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