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“We bring you the same world class learning that our students at Harvard experience.”

Dr. Rahul Dave
Chief Scientist at Univ.AI
Former Lecturer, Harvard University

You learn LIVE from top professors and exceptional teaching assistants

At Univ.AI, Everything is LIVE.

Pay ZERO tuition upfront

At Univ.AI, we make state-of-the-art learning highly accessible. All learners can opt for an Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) with zero upfront tuition, and pay only after they get a job. We have also put together an array of tuition options to make our programs affordable to all. Learn more

At Univ.AI, we bring you state-of-the-art learning at a highly accessible cost. For well-prepared learners, we offer an Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) with zero upfront tuition. We have also put together an array of tuition options to make our programs affordable to all. Learn more

Working professionals & students from diverse backgrounds go on to sought-after career opportunities

Student Stories

Varshini Reddy

Incoming graduate student at Harvard University

“Univ.AI gave me a structured learning environment. The program helped me understand why one algorithm worked better than another for a given application. The quality of the peer group and the personalized time devoted by the professors are two things that I really helped me gain conceptual clarity.”

Olga Graph

Phd Mathematics, Technical University, Munich

“The learning experience at Univ.AI is highly engaging, interactive and lively. It is most definitely on par with the best universities in the world. I especially enjoyed the teaching style of Dr. Protopapas and the high level of care and dedication displayed by the academic team.”

Padmaja Bhagwat

Data Scientist at Glance, Ex- VMware

“My growth has been tremendous! All the sessions and assignments that I've done as part of this course are extremely relevant in real world applications. In fact these skills, along with the amazing peers that I met in this course helped me in seamless transition from my Software Developer role at VMware to Data Scientist role Glance. My new role requires me to pick up new tools quickly, and I think its because of my training at that I can adapt with great ease."

Sakthisree Venkatesan

Machine Learning Lead at Metro Services

“The mentorship we got during the program was a perfect complement to learning from top faculty. The curriculum is challenging, but for the committed students the learning experience is exceptional. I was surprised at the pace at which I was able to develop my expertise with Univ.AI.”

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6- or 10-month, part-time programs for working professionals and students.

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Master Ml & AI

Certificate in Data Science

Certificate in Deep Learning

Image of a medal
Certificate of Excellence

Top performers in the Master ML & AI program are awarded a Certificate of Excellence signed by our faculty.

Top performers in Master and Advanced AI programs are guaranteed placements in sought-after jobs with a minimum salary of $75,000 per year. Learn more

Image of a handshake
Placement Assistance

Our career office will work with you to bring you internships, job opportunities as well as research opportunities with faculty and partner companies.

Image of income support agreement
ISA with Zero Upfront Fee

If you are admitted, you may opt for the Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) where you will pay nothing until you earn 12 LPA or more. Learn more

Depending on your entrance exam score and employment status, you may be eligible for an ISA. You will pay nothing until you earn at least $75,000 per year. Learn more


Self-paced learning with one or more of our standalone courses.

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Get a top-tier Data Science job. Then train with us on a 100% scholarship.

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If you are a high-achiever with no prior experience in Data Science, the DSLP fellowship is for you. Get your offer letter on day zero. Then train with us on full scholarship, and start working as a machine learning or data science consultant on state-of-the-art projects world-wide.

You can take our courses standalone. Each course comes with its own certificate. In this way you can complete our programs at your own pace, or augment your existing knowledge, combining just the courses you need.

Data Science Leaders Program(DSLP)

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Frequently asked questions

What is the format of learning at Univ.AI?

All sessions are live - classes, labs, office hours, homeworks, project work. They are specifically designed to promote participation. You participate along with your study group in every element of learning. 

Even lectures at Univ.AI are active. Every 20-30 minutes, you break into a problem solving session with a Teaching assistant and immediately double down on the concept that was just taught. 

The system ensures that if you find time to attend learning sessions, you learn - it’s that simple. You can learn more about each component of learning on the How it works page at

What career outcomes can I expect after successfully completing Univ.AI programs?

Univ.AI students may reasonably expect to get the best jobs in the industry, commensurate with their prior experience. Folks that come to Univ.AI without any prior work experience, and expect to get top entry-level positions in Data Science, and those with prior work experience, will be able to get more senior-level jobs.

In addition, we invite Univ.AI students to apply for positions at Univ.AI’s Data Science and AI consulting division, which offers top jobs at industry-leading compensation.

What certifications do I get after completing the programs?

Yes. We have a 2-tier certification system for all our programs. Students who score an A grade are awarded a special Certificate of Exceptional Performance. All students who successfully complete a program receive a Certificate of Successful Completion. 

In addition, within a program, for each course you complete successfully, you get a course completion certificate and grade. 

All certificates are granted by Univ.AI, and signed by our founding faculty, who are Harvard and UCLA professors.

In addition you have a github repository of all your projects, and a detailed transcript for the program, comprising your grades in each of the courses.

Who can attend Univ.AI programs? Can I take them if I am a working professional? What if I am still studying?

Anyone! Data Science and AI are horizontal skill that increasingly professionals of all persuasions will need to know - whether they are social or physical scientists, engineers, or medical professionals. 

Our programs are part-time. Students currently enrolled at university, as well as working professionals, can apply for our programs.

How do Univ.AI’s programs compare with other well known fully-online Data Science and AI programs at renowned universities?

The amount of mentorship you receive at Univ.AI exceeds that at most programs (on-campus, or online) around the world.

Our 6- to 10-month programs are equivalent in rigour and intensity to non-thesis graduate programs at the world’s elite institutions. Univ.AI’s fully live, high-intervention online programs are without parallel. They are closer to on-campus programs which have an entire community aligned to learning. 

Most online programs lack that orientation. Their once-a-week mentorship sessions shift the burden of learning entirely to the students. 

At Univ.AI, your mentoring begins right at the Lectures. During lectures you work on TA-supervised problem solving sessions. Mentoring continues through Labs and office hours with Professors and TAs. 

Since mentoring is such a critical part of the learning experience at Univ.AI, it perhaps helps to quantify it. About 50% of your learning journey is completely mentored. Of the remaining, about 30% is peer-assisted and collaborative. Only 20% is unaided.

Mentored and peer driven learning as a % of the learning journey

Online programs - 10-20%

Universities - 30-40%

Univ.AI - 80%

Are programs at Univ.AI full time or part time?

At present we offer only part-time programs, and sessions are conducted in the evenings (Indian Time Zone). They are designed such that working professionals can expect to finish them in a 6-9 month period with 12-15 hours of work per week (with breaks between courses). 

The workload is calibrated to keep the rate of learning new concepts at a level that allows you enough time to learn them thoroughly, and explore all practical nuances of application.

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