Siddharth Das

Siddharth Das

ex-CEO, Jio Finanacial Services (JFSL)

Siddharth is Founder and CEO of Univ.AI and a visionary technology leader, both as an AI-entrepreneur and a large-company CEO. Prior to turning entrepreneur, he was the Founding Co-CEO of the $20-Billion Jio Financial Services (JFS).

Earlier, he was the chief executive of Flipkart’s first payments business, which eventually culminated in the acquisition of the now $12-Billion PhonePe. He was co-founder and chief executive of HighMark, India’s only and leading Credit Bureau focussed on credit for the underprivileged, which was acquired by the Italian company CRIF and renamed CRIF-HighMark.

Before moving to India, and into fintech, Siddharth spent a decade in San Francisco, first as product manager for tech companies, and later as a Global leader of Analytics for FICO, the company that invented credit scoring.

Siddharth holds a graduate degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - where he worked on genetic algorithms, a precursor to modern AI; and an undergraduate degree from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee.