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If you wish to attend the Machine Learning: X program but need assistance with the prerequisites, we recommend you attend two free sessions that will be held live as a run-up to the Machine Learning:X program. The Python-Preparator is a free short program that will consist of:

4 lectures + 4 labs (1 weekend) 

1 hack half-day (next weekend)

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2 Weekends

Time Investment

4 Days


Live Online




Registration closes

To be decided

Course Outcome

Program Overview

Program Overview

You will learn:

  • Python-basics: calculator, lists, strings, files
  • Python-classes: dicts, functions, classes
  • Pandas: reading, writing, summary, change column, indexing, merge
  • Numpy+matplotlib: indexing, 2D, matplotlib hists, plots 

Hack Half-Day: Exploratory Data analysis on a Books Dataset

An intense workshop spread over 2 weekends that is designed to quickly get you up-to speed with the prerequisites for Data Science: X program.

Who should apply

Anyone with basic programming experience in any language, who is purposeful about attending the DS: X program.

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Class Timings

Course Structure

Live online classes
1. Live Online Classes

Bi-weekly live, cohort-based lessons with labs and quizzes

2. Mentor-Supported

Ten or more hours/week to interact with an experienced & accomplished mentor

Module end Project
3. End-of-Module Project

Complex problems that challenge you to apply what you learn

4. Capstone

10–12 week long Capstone Project with one of our partner companies or faculty

Program Faculty

Dr Rahul Dave

Chief Scientist, Univ.AI

Rahul is a co-founder of Univ.AI. Before starting Univ.AI, Rahul was a lecturer at Harvard University. He was on the original team for Harvard’s famous Data Science course, cs109, and has taught machine learning, statistics, and AI courses, both at Harvard and at multiple conferences and workshops.

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