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ML/DS Basics

This course equips you with the fundamental skills you will need as a Data Scientist / Engineer. This is a beginner-level course, intended to give you foundational skills & practice.

You will learn how to get, clean, and process data from different sources. You will also gain skills in exploratory data analysis, visualization, and communication. You will learn about text and tree models, ensembles, recommendation systems, clustering, and Bayesian Statistics.

After you finish this micro certification, you will be ready to run complex analyses on all kinds of data on your own. This will get you ready for entry level to intermediate ML & AI jobs.

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10 Weeks (not including break)

Time Investment

10 to 15 hours per week


Live Online


Introductory Price: $1,000
List Price: $2,250


Registration closes

To be decided

Course Outcome

Program Overview

Program Overview

After successfully completing the program, you will be:

  1.  Ready to run complex analyses on all kinds of data on your own.
  2.  Awarded the Professional Certification in Machine Learning on successful completion of the course.
  3.  Prepared to pursue advanced (graduate and above) level studies in machine learning.
  4. Qualified to seek entry level and intermediate machine learning positions in the industry.

Who should apply

Anyone who seeks to learn machine learning and who has the necessary prerequisites. The course is however tailored to students as well as working professionals, who have some background in maths as well as programming.

See if you are ready


  1. Knowledge of python as represented by the topics in Python-Preparator.
  2. Knowledge of machine learning as represented by the topics in ML-preparator

If you wish to attend our programs but need assistance with the prerequisites, we recommend you attend two free LIVE courses. These help you prepare for ML/DS: Basics program, to begin your learning journey. Learn More

Class Timings

Course Structure

Live online classes
1. Live Online Classes

Bi-weekly live, cohort-based lessons with labs and quizzes

2. Mentor-Supported

Ten or more hours/week to interact with an experienced & accomplished mentor

Module end Project
3. End-of-Module Project

Complex problems that challenge you to apply what you learn

4. Capstone

10–12 week long Capstone Project with one of our partner companies or faculty

Program Faculty

Dr Rahul Dave

Chief Scientist, Univ.AI

Rahul is a co-founder of Univ.AI. Before starting Univ.AI, Rahul was a lecturer at Harvard University. He was on the original team for Harvard’s famous Data Science course, cs109, and has taught machine learning, statistics, and AI courses, both at Harvard and at multiple conferences and workshops.

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Topics Covered

ML 1

Http and scraping.
Exploratory Data Analysis
Visualisation basics
SQL (and sqlite, with pandas)
Viz for communication. Dashboards.
Data Analysis pipelines
Using (not theory of) word embeddings and similarity search
Collaborative Filtering and recommendations

Project Week

ML 2

Clustering: k-means
Naive Bayes
Bayesian Models
Hierarchical Bayesian models
Ensemble Models
Random Forests
Gradient Boosting Models

Project Week

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Our Alumni

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Master Certification Series in Data Science?

It is a 3-part series where each program leads to an individual certification. 

  • Level: X is for beginners in Data Science
  • Level: Y is for advanced learners in DS
  • Level Z: Is for expert level practitioners

You can take these programs consecutively or at your own pace.

What are the prerequisites for the program?

Knowledge of a minimum of high school level mathematics and basic python programming is important for this program. For detailed perquisites, please refer to the main programs page for Data Science: X

What are the resources I can avail if I don’t fulfil the prerequisites?

We offer LIVE online course prep programs on Python and Machine Learning foundations, free of cost, before the start of DS-X cohorts. These are held on a weekend led by Harvard faculty to quickly get you ready for the DS: X program.

Do you advise taking only a part or the entire 3-part Master Series: Data Science consecutively?

Students who finish Level Z with an ‘A’ grade are guaranteed placement opportunities. We recommend you take at least two programs one after the other, and then take a break, before you take the third and final part of the series. That will enable the system to help you better.

I already know the basics of Data Science. Can I still take this program?

If your basics are strong, you can directly take the Data Science: Y program which is the second of the three part  Master: Data Science.

What kind of career opportunities may I expect after completing this program?

The goal of this program is to get you ready for entry level positions in Data Science. If you wish to do so rapidly, we train you comprehensively in data sourcing, analysis and modelling. This will help you in advanced education in the field and you will also be eligible to take the Data Science: Y program.

How often is the Data Science: X program held?

New cohorts of the Data Science: X program will be held every 10 to 12 weeks. You can take this program at a time that best suits you.

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