Vasu Golyan

Integrated Programme in Management, IIM Indore

June 2020

What are you doing right now?

I am currently a final-year undergraduate student at the Integrated Programme in Management at IIM Indore. In the past three-years of my BA in Foundations of Management, I have focused on the varied domains of Statistics, Social Sciences, Economics & Advanced Calculus. Post completion of my UG, I look forward to proceeding with my MBA before entering the corporate sphere in 2023.

Area of interest

Statistics & Advanced Calculus

Why did you first sign up with Univ.AI?

I am immensely interested in the domains of consulting & statistics as a subject and was introduced to the vastness of AL & ML as a field when I first took up a Bayesian Statistics & Analysis course at the end of my second-year at IPM. After undertaking a preliminary Bayesian analysis project, I wanted to delve much deeper into the field. This is when I first came across the programs being offered by Univ.AI and was absolutely fascinated by the faculty & the process of teaching here. Hence, I considered this to be a wonderful way to further my interests & knowledge in the field.

What role has Univ.AI played in your learning journey in Data Science and AI?

This program by Univ.AI has laid down the foundation for a variety of core concepts and applications in the field of data science. The lectures, modules, repositories, and projects have all ensured that I am well-equipped with all necessary information to tackle problems from a DS perspective and even pursue further knowledge in the field, unsupervised.

If you had to share just one thing that you learned in the course, what would it be?

One of my key takeaways from the course has been that data science isn’t really that overwhelming of a subject. There is no concept that is beyond understanding or a problem that can’t be touched. In this 5-week program, one of the most important things I have learned is to develop an approach towards solving DS problems. In this very short period, the faculty - Prof. Dave ensures that you know how to think, then how to articulate your thoughts into code, and lastly how to interpret the results that the code generates. So that has been the greatest learning for me in this course.

What surprised you about the course?

The sheer efficiency with which this course was conducted, especially in an online regime was something that was both surprising and inspiring for me. The efforts by the faculty, through the means of additional sessions, assistance on non-class mediums, and office hours paired with the TA sessions were something that one does not expect in any conventional course. Another surprising aspect of the course was how it constitutes of students from a variety of backgrounds, and yet everyone was able to be brought up to speed with regards to the concepts and content being taught.

Have you seen new opportunities as a result of the course? Do you feel better equipped for new opportunities?

Yes definitely! This course has equipped me with a vast amount of knowledge in the field of AI & DS and has shaped my future steps, both into my research & independent projects, as well as in the kind of internship opportunities I can now apply to.

What advice would you give to a new Univ.AI student?

To any new Univ.AI student, I would ask them to particularly invest their efforts towards ensuring they make the best of all the resources that any Univ.AI program has to offer. The classes may be perceived as a bit fast-paced, and to maintain the learning curve, students must visit all links/repositories touched upon in the previous classes. Apart from that, I’d just like to say, the Univ.AI team is always at a student’s disposal, whatever be the problem being faced and it is indeed beneficial if a student can make the most out of it.

Any final thoughts or recommendations about the course?

As final thoughts, I would just like to say that the experience that this Univ.AI course is very distinct and insightful. The exposure, access to resources, assistance, and the course content itself, all are fabulously designed and integrated into the programs, which equip the students with a valuable skill, in a very concise, efficient, and application-based manner. I’d like to express my gratitude to the team for this wonderful experience. Thank you!

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