Sai Sumanth

IIT Guwahati

Batch of 2019

What are you doing right now?

I am a third-year CSE student at IIT Guwahati.

Area of interest

Machine learning and deep learning are the areas of my interest.

Why did you first sign up with Univ.AI?

It was in my B.Tech 1st year that I got to know about Univ.AI through a friend. As it was a 15-day course about ML & AI, I thought it would help to further my prospects of a good research internship in the field in the near future. So, I decided to apply for the summer school.

What role has Univ.AI played in your learning journey in Data Science and AI?

The course at Univ AI was my first ever course in AI and it set me on the path of Data Science and AI. Summer school helped me gain projects at an institute-level in Machine Learning.

If you had to share just one thing that you learned in the course, what would it be?

I certainly learned many technical things from this course. However, the important non-technical learning I got from this course was a change in perception. Being in my 1st year of B.Tech, I had been thinking AI might be very difficult for someone like me.Before attending the course, I had even been afraid whether I would be able to understand anything from the professors considering that they are from Harvard and UCLA and also that the participants may even be those that are working in the corporate field of ML/AI. But from day 1, the course was structured in such a way that everyone from all backgrounds could catch up. So, I realized that whatever be our current state of knowledge, when a great learning opportunity such as Univ AI presents itself, it is best to grab it with both hands.

What surprised you about the course?

The dedication and intention of the professors to facilitate our learning surprised me the most. Many a time, it just surprised me as to how these professors could teach for all day long which required a great deal of mental concentration, and immediately after that, attend each student for the practical sessions.

Have you seen new opportunities as a result of the course? Do you feel better equipped for new opportunities?

Yes, having completed the course at a very early stage, I feel better equipped for new opportunities as compared to my peers.

What advice would you give to a new Univ.AI student?

For any new student, matching the pace of the professor is important. For this, the student needs to make efforts before coming to the class to be able to gain the most. Also, one should attend all the classes as it makes it very easy to cope with the course. I feel, to gain maximum benefit from this course, active participation is a must. Unless you ask doubts, you cannot benefit from the highly qualified professors.

Any final thoughts or recommendations about the course?

With all my heart, I thank Univ.AI for such avast, extensive, and dedicated course on AI and hope to see much more of its courses delivered to many more students out there.

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