Aditya Kapoor

Delhi Technical University

Batch of 2019

What are you doing right now?

Currently, I am taking a gap year to do online courses and explore options which integrate the fields of Computer Engineering and Psychology.

Area of interest  

Psychology and using technology to help physical and mental well being.

Why did you first sign up with Univ.AI?

I first signed up with Univ.Ai in June’19 when the first conference was organized. I signed up because of the credibility of the professors and the workshop’s shorter duration

What role has Univ.AI played in your learning journey in Data Science and AI?  

After my 3rd year, I got to intern in a company that created products using data science for clients. With no prior knowledge about Data Science and AI, this course was what got me interested in the field. I must say that Prof. Rahul Dave's enthusiasm about the field definitely rubbed off on me and got me intrigued about the field. After completing the 2-week course I was able to work in the research team of the company and did some work related to Computer Vision.

What did you like most about the course?    

The enthusiasm of the instructors and the small batch size are the two things I liked the most about the course. I got to work in teams that really sped up the learning process.

If you had to share just one thing that you learned in the course, what would it be?  

One needs peers and good teachers around to succeed. What I learned self-studying for 2 months was explained by the professors in 3 days.

What surprised you about the course?

The fact that I was getting taught by such great professors without having to go to Harvard or UCLA.

Have you seen new opportunities as a result of the course? Do you feel better equipped for new opportunities?

I was able to move from the client delivery team in my internship where I would have just executed SQL queries to being part of the research team where I worked with Computer Vision libraries. So yes, the course definitely helped me. The course gave me a decent foundation based on which I felt I could go on to learn whatever I wanted in the field from the internet. It also provided me a peer group to learn concepts about ML and AI and some mentors who I could lean on for help if needed.

What advice would you give to a new Univ.AI student?

Read up on prerequisites before you start the course and don't be shy to ask questions from the instructors. Also, try to be actively involved with your teachers and peer group.

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