Visual Machines

A grand challenge in AI is teaching machines how to see. But how can machines offer a visual interpretation of a simple camera photograph, a mere matrix of numbers? The Visual Machines Group at UCLA addresses this grand challenge by blending smart cameras with deep learning algorithms. Computer vision research from the Visual Machines Group at UCLA is leading this movement toward Superhuman.
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Achuta is an Assistant Professor at UCLA where he directs the Visual Machines Group. Powered by artificial intelligence, the group creates imaging systems that can see the unseen. Achuta received his PhD from MIT, his BS from UC Berkeley, and has had papers presented at the top venues of computer vision and graphics, including ICCV, CVPR, SIGGRAPH, and SIGGRAPH Asia. Achuta is excited to partner with in Bangalore, to train the next generation of technology innovators who strive for social impact. Earlier this year, Achuta was named to the Forbes 30 under 30 list and received the NSF research initiation award.

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