Lending a helping hand, quite literally!

Flippy is the world's first Artificial Intelligence driven robotics kitchen assistant. Will it be a game-changer for restaurants in a post-pandemic world? Let's know more.
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Ever heard of the saying “In need of a helping hand?" It's quite common. But, ever seen it being taken literally?

Well, that's precisely what Miso Robotics is offering - an arm. Flippy, the arm-like robotic kitchen assistant flips burgers, as implied by its name, cooking them to perfection. It has already raised over $2mm in their investment campaign on SeedInvest. It is still open to investors. Flippy's newer and more versatile cousin, Robot on a Rail (ROAR), rather than standing on the floor it is suspended from an overhead railing rather than standing on the floor like Flippy. It can perform a broader range of tasks such as frying onion rings and preparing chicken. Being more supreme, it can clean up after itself and inform people when an order is ready.

Both Flippy and ROAR are AI-enabled (true, what are not these days?). They learn, evolve, and adapt to their surroundings. Such devices are touted, and for a good reason, they can increase productivity and reduce costs by optimizing the cooking time, using the perfect quantity of oil to minimize wastage, etc. Another added advantage is the obviation of shifts in an industrial-grade kitchen. 

Though it cannot replace restaurants that leave you with a scrumptious five-course menu that changes every day or offers immense warmth and love to its customers, it still stands as a game-changer, primarily to cater to the post-pandemic world. In these times of the COVID-19 pandemic, where there is a fear of virus spread everywhere, one of the most affected industries is the restaurant and foodservice industry. With many cafes and restaurants shutting shop every day, automation seems to be the silver lining. The solution offered by Miso appears to be ideal. By starting with optimized food preparation, eliminating the need to ensure regular hygiene amongst the employees, lack of human contact for the virus to spread, Miso gives the impression of a winner. Coming to the best part of these machines (drum rolls) are cobots or collaborative robots designed to work with humans and not supersede them. So for all those who fear robots taking over the world (AI takeover), it's safe to say at the very least that Miso's Flippy and ROAR won't be amongst them.

To learn more, visit misorobotics.com/

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