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Here's a story about a young girl trying to figure out the managerial skills required for Data Science/ML jobs and amazed to see how her life till that point added up for this.
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Life is a Game. Either a person thrives/improves/transforms to play or they don't.

Some learn from their mistakes and embrace change while others don't. 

Well, me? I am not sure…

In a Game, it's all about the attitude

             When to talk…

             How to support…

      Not knowing these can turn the tables.

     So, give the right responses/reactions!

Our college Training and Placement team always said, “To succeed in any job, you need the right mindset and technical skills. Most of them expect the same set of managerial skills but when you zoom in, some jobs require more and others require less”. I zoomed into Data science and saw that it needs:

With the curiosity and hunger to learn new things since childhood, I took part in many extra-circular activities:

  • Toastmasters - I honed my Interpersonal skills and Leadership skills.
  • Venture Development Diploma Program from North Eastern University and member of the Entrepreneurship club in our college - Gained Business mindset and some vocabulary
  • University Innovation Fellows -  Trained by the Design school of Stanford University to become a change agent and solve organizational level challenges with Innovation. Invited to Stanford University and Google Headquarters for a three-day workshop. 
  • Student Activity Council - Made me confident, and a good team player and instilled humor in my natural speech

With all this exposure, experience, and knowledge, I became a better person who can handle situations with more consciousness and awareness than my peers. I believed I will make a great Data scientist if I can increase my patience levels. But how could I know for sure?

When you are playing a game, you cannot have the right attitude and always give apt responses. No one can cause none of us are perfect. We observe the situation and respond/react in a short time there is. 

And, the game doesn't end there. They are not won or lost by a single reaction/response. We learn new things every day and improve our attitude but it's still a long way to perfection!

So, ask yourself this: Can you improve/transform to play this game? There is only one way to know!

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