Our Students Created a COVID-19 Global Dashboard

Students from our Foundations of AI program - Niegil, Praneetha, and Sakthisree - created a COVID-19 dashboard as part of their end of the module project.
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Amidst the unfortunate chaos of COVID-19 around the world, there has been an overload of information regarding the pandemic present online. With such massive amounts of data, it is crucial to not only identify and collect verified information, but to also structure it in a way that allows us to pick worthy insights. In this context, data visualization is perfect for enabling quick and accurate comprehension of information, whilst providing the relevant insights into our current global situation.

For this exact purpose, our students from the Foundations of AI program, have created a COVID-19 Global Dashboard - an interactive visualization of the current spread of COVID-19 around the world. Within this dashboard, you can find an overview of both worldwide & country-specific statistics. This is an effort to help explain the developing pandemic events in a clear and comprehensible way for people to interpret data efficiently, tease out patterns, and pick up on trends.

To build on this project, the team consisting of Niegil, Praneetha, and Sakthisree would further explore patterns of correlation between age demographics, life expectancy rates, and explore other factors that may or may not be intuitively obvious. They will also explore the possibility of the creation of a predictive model that can arrive at the trend of upcoming cases.

The dashboard is created with Streamlit using Altair, Plotly and Matplotlib for visualization and deployed using Heroku.

Contributors (L to R): Niegil, Sakthisree and Praneetha

Access the App here: Covid-19 Global Dashboard

In order to run the app locally:

  1. Install Streamlit: pip install Streamlit
  2. Clone the repository: git clone https://github.com/Niegil-Francis/Covid_App.git
  3. Install the required packages present in requirements.txt
  4. Change the directory to Covid_App and run: Streamlit run Covid_dash.py

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