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Here's a story about a young girl trying to figure out the technical skills required for Data Science/ML jobs and curious to know why the list doesn't end.
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Life is a Game. Either a person gives it their all to play or they don't.

Some work hard and smart while others do not. 

Well, me? I am not sure…

In a Game, it's all about skills

            How to move…

           How to catch…

 Not knowing these can turn the tables.

 So, master all the skills!

After knowing DS/ML is my ideal profession, I wanted to know all the technical skills required to become one and went to the all-knowing Google. I typed “technical skills required for Data science” and when I hit enter, Google hit me with a circular diagram:

My jaw dropped to the floor looking at the never-ending list of topics I had to master… I took two minutes to process this and then I was curious to know why so many skills are required for this profession. I continued my research and gathered some insights:

  • Python/R:  Language of Data Science. You know how to code

                  - The language of this game

  • Math and Statistics: Skeleton of Data science. You understand the underlying concepts

                  - The Game is built on math and you can't stand without it.

  • Data Preprocessing: Torture in Data science. Processing the messy real-world data.

                  - Doing the boring work of the senior players

  • Data Visualization: Presentation in Data Science. Create charts/graphs.

                  - Understanding a few things while watching the play.

  • Machine Learning: Models of Data science. You can develop models.

                  - Learning ways to play and start practicing

  • Dev Ops and Cloud: Actual and everyday Data science. Handle the automation 

                  - Become a player

This is a list of technical topics and the non-technical skills are yet to be explored. I was in my bachelor's with a lot of time to master these insanely interesting topics and I thought I could do it.

But how could I know for sure?

When you are playing a game, you cannot master everything. No one knows it all, cause none of us are perfect. We know everything there is to know about a game but only master what we can. 

And, the game doesn't eliminate you. They are not won or lost by people who are masters at everything. We can only be the best wicketkeeper and still bring the match home!

So, ask yourself this: Can you give it your all to play this game? There is only one way to know!

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