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Gain cutting-edge mastery in data science for the best jobs in the world with the Master Program in Data Science - a 3-part certification series.

Begin learning Data Science at less than 10% of the total Master Program fee. The program is designed by globally renowned faculty from Harvard and UCLA. See how it works.

Learn like a Harvard student, at a fraction of the cost!

Harvard University Univ.AI
Skills for the most sought after jobs Yes Yes
Intensive Mentorship Yes Yes
Live interactive Classes Online (during covid) Online
Globally renowned faculty Yes Yes
Hands-on Projects Yes Yes
TAs per student Low High
Cutting-edge Research Opportunities Yes Yes
Affordable Programs $$$$ Less than 5%
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Experience LIVE Learning at Univ.AI from the world’s top faculty

  • 6-8 hours of LIVE sessions per week at convenient times 
  • Total commitment of 10 to 12 hours per week 
Live online classes
1. Live Online Classes

Bi-weekly lessons with labs and quizzes

2. Mentor-Supported

Ten or more hours/week to interact with an experienced & accomplished mentor

Module end Project
3. End-of-Module Project

Complex problems that challenge you to apply what you learned

Watch Demo Classes

Demo Class with Dr. Pavlos Protopapas

Watch a demo class with our founding faculty, Dr. Protopapas on Artificial Intelligence and know more about how we strive to give you a world-class learning experience.

Key Highlights

00:18  Introduction & Class Prerequisites

04:21  The learning platform

05:59  Lesson 1 - Part A demo

19:51   Breakout room

21:15   Live Q&A

Project Presentation by Univ.AI Students

Every module with Univ.AI is followed by a hands-on project, allowing students to apply their learnings and gain expertise. This is a project presentation from our Artificial Intelligence module on “A Country’s Secret to Happiness”

Key Highlights

00:15 Introduction and Problem Statement
01:38 Project Overview and Process [Data Sourcing, Exploratory Data Analysis, Modeling]
02:45 Methodology [Algorithms, Data Sets and Code and Packages used]
04:05 Results and findings
07:00 Conclusion and Improvements

Applications are now open for the Master Data Science Program

Program Details - Master Data Science

  • Program Delivery: LIVE, online
  • Lead Instructor: Dr. Rahul Dave, former faculty, Harvard University 
  • Class Timings: Evenings on Weekdays or on weekends
  • Prerequisites: Python Programming and very basic ML 
  • Duration: 10 to 12 Weeks per Certification
  • Program Begins: January 25, 2021

Note: If you lack prerequisites, you can enroll and take our free preparatory programs in python and basic Machine Learning before the programs begin. Learn more.

The Master Data Science Program consists of 3 sequential certifications, clear outcomes at every level and a top-tier job guarantee at the end

Start at a level that best suits your experience and prior qualifications in Data Science. 

Get guaranteed top-tier employment

We refund your program fee if you do not get a job with a minimum CTC within 6 months of completing the program-Z subject to minimum grades. Learn more

Job-ready at every certification level

The program structure ensures that at each level X, Y, or Z, you have job-ready skills. If your progress to the next-level certification is interrupted, you will still be eligible for exciting data science opportunities.

Self-Paced Program 

Go to the next level at your convenience. Complete, X, Y, and Z - one at a time.

Free Course Prep: LIVE with Harvard Faculty

Certifications Start here if Outcomes
Data Science X You are a beginner with foundational knowledge Learn and apply basic Data Science skills and tools
Data Science Y You already have proficiency in basic Data Science Advanced skills like data modeling and visualization
Data Science Z* You are a proficient practitioner looking for top-tier employment opportunities Data Science mastery with top-tier Employment Guarantee
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Financing and Scholarship

World Class training made affordable. Get started by paying less than 10% of program fee

Pay-as-you-go: The Master Program is conveniently divided into 3 progressive certifications, X, Y and Z, and you pay the fee for each only when you take it. We do not charge the entire program fee in advance.

EMI Financing Available

We offer financing separately for all the 3 certifications, to make your budgeting and planning more convenient.


We offer a limited amount of tuition relief to highly deserving students who do not have the means to afford our world-class learning. Learn more

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Meet Dr. Rahul Dave (former Harvard University professor) - your lead instructor

Rahul is a co-founder of Univ.AI. Before starting Univ.AI, Rahul was a lecturer at Harvard University. He was on the original team for Harvard’s famous Data Science course, cs109, and has taught machine learning, statistics, and AI courses, both at Harvard and at multiple conferences and workshops.

Start your journey with Data Science: X* 

*[or with Data Science Y, or Z if you are an advanced candidate. If you are more interested in AI and Machine learning, go to our programs page]

About the program - Data Science: X the first certification of the 3-part sequential Master Program

  • Learn how to get, clean, and process data from different sources
  • Gain skills in exploratory data analysis, visualization, and communication
  • Learn about text and tree models, ensembles, recommendation systems, clustering, and Bayesian Statistics

DSE - 1
  • Http and scraping
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Visualisation basics
  • SQL (and sqlite, with pandas)
  • Viz for communication. Dashboards.
  • Data Analysis pipelines
  • Using (not theory of) word embeddings and similarity search
  • Collaborative Filtering and recommendations

Project Week

DSE - 2
  • Clustering: k-means
  • Naive Bayes
  • Bayesian Models
  • Hierarchical Bayesian models
  • Trees
  • Ensemble Models
  • Random Forests
  • Gradient Boosting Models

Project Week

Who is the Data Science: X program for?

Anyone who seeks to learn data science and who has the necessary prerequisites. The course is however tailored to students as well as working professionals, who have some background in maths as well as programming.

Data Science: X - Program prerequisites

1.  Working knowledge of python. 

2.  Working knowledge of machine learning. 

Take Free LIVE-online course preparators in Python and machine learning if you do not meet the prerequisites.

Data Science: X - Program Outcomes

1.  Run complex data science analyses on all kinds of data on your own.

2.  Professional Certification in Data Science. 

4.  Pursue advanced (graduate and above) level studies in Data Science.

5.  Seek entry level and intermediate Data Science positions in the industry.

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Here’s what our students say about learning with us

Our classes are an eclectic mix of talented individuals who believe in the power of Data Science and AI in shaping our future.

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Frequently asked questions

Who should take Univ.AI programs?

We welcome learners from all academic backgrounds - students or working professionals. Our X, Y and Z level programs suit the learning needs of beginners, intermediate learners and expert learners, respectively.

What is the Master Certification Series?

Univ.AI offers a series of micro-certification, each of which has its own individual outcomes.

  • Level X micro certifications are for beginners in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • Level: Y is for advanced learners in ML/AI
  • Level Z: Is for expert level practitioners

You can take these programs consecutively or at your own pace, with breaks in between programs.

Can I attend just one program in the Master certification series?

Yes, you may. All our programs are standalone certification programs to provide you with specific professional outcomes. You can proceed to the next level of the series if you want a greater professional outcome, and can commit the time needed. Each program is 10 to 12 weeks long.

What if I miss live classes?

You can review recorded videos which are available soon after a class. You can seek help if you need any during your daily live mentor sessions.

Where do Univ.AI alums work?

Our alums work at Microsoft, Cisco, Mindtree, Deloitte and several prominent startups. A significant number of our alums choose to attend graduate school at top institutions. Recently our alums have gained acceptance to Carnegie Mellon, Harvard, UCLA, University of Michigan, Georgia Tech and University of British Columbia among others.

What kind of jobs may I expect after my Univ.AI program?
  • After X-level, you will be eligible for most entry level positions in AI, ML or Data Science.
  • Y-level, will prepare you for mid to senior level positions
  • Z-level prepares you for elite opportunities in AI, ML and Data Science with state-of-the-art placement guarantee to performers scoring Grade A
How much mentor help can I get?

With all our programs, you get 5 to 6 hours of LIVE online mentor sessions scheduled per week. If you need further assistance, you can request for more, asynchronous sessions with your mentor.

Does Univ.AI offer Internships?

The Level-Z program for both machine learning and AI tracks is a hands-on internship / a Capstone project where you will work with Univ.AI’s partner companies or institutions to apply advanced skills.

More answers