Concepts of Data Engineering


Unleash data's power with cutting-edge techniques! Join our free LIVE course and master Data Engineering principles with hands-on projects led by experts.

27th & 28th March
7 - 9:30 pm (IST)
9:30 am- 12:00 pm (EST)
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Unlock the Power of Data with Cutting-Edge Techniques

This free comprehensive course provides an in-depth exploration of the core principles and best practices of data engineering. Learn how to design and implement scalable, efficient, and reliable data pipelines, while mastering the latest tools and technologies in the field.

  • Understand the data engineering ecosystem
  • Master data storage and retrieval techniques
  • Implement data transformation and processing pipelines
  • Optimize data workflows for performance and cost-efficiency
Complete Data Engineering curriculum
Hands-on projects with Apache Spark, Hadoop, & Kafka
LIVE sessions
Access to a supportive learner & expert community


Who is it for?

Whether you're a seasoned data professional or just getting started, this course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to excel in the world of Data Engineering.


A basic knowledge of Python, SQL, and data structures, as well as a willingness to learn and a passion for data engineering are the main prerequisites for this course. Familiarity with distributed systems is a plus.

Meet your Instructors

Our instructors hail from some of the world’s leading institutions and research labs in AI & Data Science.

Meet your teacher

Our teachers hail from some of the world’s leading institutions and research labs in AI & Data Science.

Meet our Students & Alumni

Meet our Students & Alumni

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Frequently asked questions

Will I get a recording of this Workshop later?
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Unfortunately, the recording of the workshop will not be made available. The objective of this workshop is to encourage active participation and to eliminate the notion of "watching it later." This approach ensures that participants utilize their time effectively and make the most of the mentor's expertise. The Univ.AI experience is designed to be consumed by a group of motivated individuals, and the dynamic energy of a live session cannot be replicated through recordings. Thus, to maximize the benefits of the workshop, it is important to actively engage and participate during the session.

Is this a live session?
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Yes, this is a live session at Univ.AI, where all events and sessions are conducted live to ensure real-time engagement and interaction.

If I miss this can I join the next one?
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Unfortunately, missing this opportunity may result in a delay in advancing your understanding and proficiency in the field. However, it is possible to attend a future workshop. It is recommended to prioritize attendance to ensure continuous growth and development.

Will I be given a certificate for a session?
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Unfortunately, we do not offer certificates for this workshop. However, the true value lies in the practical knowledge and skills acquired during the session. Instead of relying on a certificate, it is recommended that participants focus on absorbing the information thoroughly and putting it into practice by creating a portfolio or project to demonstrate their understanding.

Can I ask my questions to the mentor in the session?
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Participants are encouraged to actively engage with the mentor during the workshop sessions. Each explanation of a concept will be limited to a maximum of 15 min, providing ample opportunity for interactive discussions between participants and mentors.

Is there any cost associated with this workshop?
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The objective of this workshop series is to impart a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter and provide a clear roadmap for further learning. The content provided in this workshop is sufficient for the majority of participants. However, for individuals who seek to gain deeper knowledge, build a career in the field, or receive personalized guidance from the mentor, we offer advanced programs that delve deeper into the topic. This information will be provided after the completion of the workshop.

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