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  • Led by the Director of Data Science MS program at Harvard
  • Admissions open for April 2022 intake
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11 or 42 weeks, part-time

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Live, Online

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“We bring you the same world class learning that students at Harvard experience.”

Dr. Rahul Dave
Chief Scientist at Univ.AI
Former Lecturer, Harvard University

You learn LIVE from top professors and exceptional teaching assistants


What you will learn

Start with the basics, and become an Data Science and Deep Learning expert in 42 weeks. Alternatively, you may complete a basic Data Science only certification in 11 weeks. You can also take courses on a standalone basis.

Optional preparatory course - Python for Data Science [PyDS] - for those without the required background.

AI-1: AI Basics

Become familiar with and gain expertise in Supervised Learning models including regression models (KNN, linear, multi, poly) and classification models (KNN, Logistic). Then learn about Modern Neural Networks.

AI-2: Convoluted Neural Networks

Continue your data science journey with convolutional neural networks. Obtain a deeper intuition with network architecture choices, activation functions feed forward and auto encoders. At the end of this course, you will be able to run advanced machine learning models and apply them to practical image recognition problems.

AI-4: Reinforcement Learning

This advanced course will provide a fundamental understanding of the concepts behind Reinforcement Learning and how to apply them to real-world problems. The course covers the basic concepts, dynamic programming, Q-learning and Policy Gradient Methods. At the end of this module, you will be able to efficiently work with reinforcement learning problems.

DS-1: Data Science Basics

Learn how to get, clean, and process data from different sources. Gain skills in exploratory data analysis, visualization, and communication. Learn to build classification and recommendation engines.

AI-3: Language Models

This is an advanced course for developing proficiency with Natural Language Processing. Start with the traditional language models, learn about word embeddings, attention and then move on to transformer models. At the end of this course, you will be able to build efficient language models, and tell how well they are performing.

AI-5: Productionizing AI (MLOps)

This is a 8 weeks (plus 4-6 weeks of extended project) hands-on course on industrial AI concepts & practices. At the end of the course, you will be proficient at applying cutting-edge skills to solve real-world problems. You will be well prepared for top employment opportunities worldwide. We guarantee top-tier placements to exceptional performers in the program (who complete the program with an ‘A’ grade).

Meet the Faculty

Working professionals & students from diverse backgrounds go on to sought-after career opportunities

Student stories

Varshini Reddy

Graduate student at Harvard University

“Univ.AI gave me a structured learning environment. The program helped me understand why one algorithm worked better than another for a given application. The quality of the peer group and the personalized time devoted by the professors are two things that I really helped me gain conceptual clarity”

Olga Graph

Ph. D., Mathematics, Technical University, Munich

“The learning experience at Univ.AI is highly engaging, interactive and lively. It is most definitely on par with the best universities in the world. I especially enjoyed the teaching style of Dr. Protopapas and the high level of care and dedication displayed by the academic team.”

Padmaja Bhagwat

Data Scientist at Glance, Ex- VMware

“My growth has been tremendous! All the sessions and assignments that I've done as part of this course are extremely relevant in real world applications. In fact these skills, along with the amazing peers that I met in this course helped me in seamless transition from my Software Developer role at VMware to Data Scientist role Glance. My new role requires me to pick up new tools quickly, and I think its because of my training at Univ.ai that I can adapt with great ease."

Sakthisree Venkatesan

Machine Learning Lead at Metro Services

“The mentorship we got during the program was a perfect complement to learning from top faculty. The curriculum is challenging, but for the committed students the learning experience is exceptional.  I was surprised at the pace at which I was able to develop my expertise with Univ.AI.”

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Pay ZERO tuition upfront

ALL accepted candidates are eligible for a ZERO upfront tuition Income Sharing Agreement (ISA). You pay only after you get a job with a minimum salary guarantee. Other tuition options are also available to help you fund your learning journey.
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At Univ.AI, we bring you state-of-the-art learning at a highly accessible cost. For well-prepared learners, we offer an Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) with zero upfront tuition. We have also put together an array of tuition options to make our programs affordable to all. Learn more

Program outcomes

At the end of the program, you will be a master in creating AI & ML models in any domain you choose to pursue, such as medicine, finance and e-commerce.

Who should apply

This LIVE-online, part-time program is for college or university students and working professionals who seek the most challenging and rewarding careers in ML and AI and are prepared to invest time and effort to master this field. You need to have the requisite knowledge of python programming, basic statistics and mathematics.

Program fee & tuition options

Zero Upfront fee with an Income Sharing Agreement (ISA)

Introductory fee: US$ 4,250 (with installment options)

Explore ISA and other tuition options

How to apply?

Application steps:

  1. Register on our website
  2. Choose your program (e.g. Master ML & AI)
  3. Submit the application questionnaire
  4. Take online aptitude test (part of application)

For queries, write to admissions@univ.ai