What is the Univ.AI Campus Internship program?

The Univ.AI Campus Internship program, is a first-of-its-kind program to help you experience the value of a corporate internship over a much longer duration than, say, a summer program, without actually leaving campus.

Acquire Cutting Edge Business Skills

For those who want to learn business, our specific goal is to help you develop entrepreneurial instincts and expertise in key areas so that you can hit the ground running if you choose to create a start-up. This will also help to achieve traditional leadership positions much faster than usual.

Master Technology Leadership

Get a chance to learn and network with professors from Harvard, UCLA, and peers from across the Campus Intern community to gain expert foundational skills in AI, ML and specifically, in community leadership.

Progressively Paid Internships

Exceed our expectations during your internship and get promoted to a paid internship opportunity.

Welcome to an exciting campus internship with Univ.AI!

100-day Campus Internship program

The first part of the internship is a fixed 100-day program in one of the two tracks:

  • Brand Marketing: Get real-world experience of an on-the-job tech marketeer. Learn to build a brand. Master marketing strategy, digital marketing, direct marketing, and a bit of growth hacking. By the time you leave college, you’ll have some of the most sought after skills. Also, if you want to start your own company, you’ll know exactly what to do!
  • AI Evangelist: Learn and apply basic machine learning, and inspire your peers to learn. Form a community of passionate learners and lead Univ.AI’s learning groups at your college/institute. Organise quizzes, hackathons, and develop learning resources - because together, everyone achieves more. Be a community leader and harness the skills you will eventually need to create your own AI company.

Advanced Leadership Program

Based on your passion and performance in the 100-day program, we provide you opportunities to continue after the first 100-days, as managers. The best managers will be appointed campus leaders, and further, as city-wide or regional leaders. Leadership positions will carry stipends between Rs.10,000-Rs.50,000 per term, based on your experience, seniority, and performance. All other positions will be uncompensated.

Get Certified

Receive a certificate signed by our CEO, Siddharth Das, and our elite faculty upon successful completion of the program. (Note: Successful completion requires you to meet a performance and learning threshold based on assigned work.) The best performers will get a certificate of proficiency, and will also earn a letter of recognition, and recommendation.

The Details - What you’ll do exactly

The program is based on “learning-by-doing.” As a Campus Intern, you follow the Learn


In our Learning Program for Campus Interns, you are free to take learning sessions across Machine Learning and Marketing. Learn and develop insights in machine learning, marketing, and key professional skills like Excel and Tableau with our live training sessions.


Apply what you learn in machine learning and marketing for specific assignments within your respective track. Work across tracks if you want.


Become a master at machine learning and marketing, and build a brand for yourself. Help your friends learn AI and ML in your community, and become the go-to person for learning and employment preparation resources in your campus.

The Univ.AI Campus Intern’s Learning Program

An especially curated program to help you stand out from the rest as you begin your professional journey in AI and Machine Learning. Every Campus Intern, will be a part of LIVE learning sessions, brought to you by our in-house experts, in:

Machine Learning

  • Python
  • Data Visualisation
  • Machine Learning Basics


  • The Science of Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Basics
  • Presenting with Purpose

Professional Skills

  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Excelling with Excel
  • Tableau
  • Persuasive Written and Spoken Communication

Win Exciting Prizes, get a Certificate

Complete periodic tasks and zoom to the top of the leaderboard to get exciting rewards. All Campus Interns get a certificate and a chance to get full-time opportunities with us!

Internship structure and progression

Level 1 (3 months) - Campus Intern: Your initial internship duration is 100 days, and you get a chance to continue with us as a paid intern, subject to your internship performance. Finish the Univ.AI Campus Intern Program with distinction to be awarded a paid internship as Campus Leader.

Level 2 (3 months) - Campus Leader: As a Univ.AI Campus Leader, you are responsible for encouraging, on-boarding and managing other Campus Interns in your university. Upon successful completion of Level 2, get a further extension to your paid internship.

Level 3 (3 months) - City Leader: As Univ.AI’s City Leader, you will acquire hands-on leadership and team management experience, where you independently manage your regional tier for the campus internship program.

Quick Facts

How long is the Campus Internship Program?

It is a 100-day program and you have an option of continuing and even get promoted!

Who can apply?

Any college or University student, enthusiastic about AI, ML and Data Science. You’re a prominent face amongst your college events and societies and can inspire people towards taking active steps to convert their interest in AI into fruitful learning journeys.

When does the program begin?

Cohorts begin every 30 days. Our first Campus Internship Program is now already underway.

Want to know something further?

Write to us at cip@univ.ai and we will be happy to answer any questions.

Are you ready?

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