Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) with Zero Upfront Tuition

Pay your tuition only when you earn at least $75,000 per year


Our Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) Tuition plan is an investment in our students. Under this plan, you do not pay any tuition fee till you complete your program and get a job. 

Pay only if you get a job

If you are unable to get a job for 18 months following your graduation from the program, your tuition fee is on us. You are free of any further obligation to pay your tuition.

Pay only if you earn a minimum salary of $75,000 per year

If you do not get a job within 18 months of program completion, or you are not earning at least $75,000 per year, you do not owe us any payment, until such time that your salary crosses $75,000 per year. If your salary does not increase beyond $75,000 within 48 months of program completion, your tuition is completely waived off.

Fee payment and program fee cap

Once you are earning $75,000 per year or more, you pay 16% of your monthly salary for 18 months, or until you reach the ISA fee cap for your program, whichever occurs earlier.

Who can avail themselves of an ISA plan

ISAs are available for our Master and Certificate programs. All applicants can opt for the ISA plan subject to an approval based on your admission test scores and an interview.

Students who are already enrolled in full-time academic program and have more than one year left to graduate are not eligible for an ISA. ISAs are available to people who live in the US who are US Citizens (excluding California residents), US Permanent Residents, or DACA recipients. ISAs are also not available to individuals who already have an obligation to pay under an ISA with another institution. ISA eligibility is not determined on the basis of prior income, sex, race, sexual orientation, religion, national origin or any protected class.

Programs that offer an ISA plan

  • Master ML & AI
  • Certificate in Deep Learning
  • Certificate in Data Science

Optional, fully refundable deposits

If you do not qualify for our ISA plan with zero upfront tuition, you may be offered an alternative ISA plan, where you are required to pay a deposit. Once your ISA payments become due, the total program fee payment cap will be reduced by the amount of the deposit.

You are also free to choose any of the other tuition payment options as well.

Schedule of payments

Once you begin your job after program completion, you start paying 16% (plus applicable taxes) of your salary toward your ISA. You continue to make monthly payments until one of the following happens:

  1. You have paid 16% of your salary for 18 months
  2. You have reached the maximum payment threshold for your program
  3. Your annual income is below $75,000 or you did not get a job for a total of 48 months.

If you have made a deposit, your total program fee payment cap will be reduced by the amount of the deposit. 


Students must submit to Univ.AI and/or their servicer the following documentation evidencing their earned income:

  1. Upon graduation, or starting a new job you will be required to send us a pay stub, a letter from your employer, or a contractor agreement stating your income. You must do this on a regular basis, including:
  • No later than five days after starting your new job
  • Every time your income increases or decreases
  • Every 30 days, even if your job is outside of the tech industry

  1. By 30 April each year, a year-end pay stub, form W-2, form 1099, schedule K-1, or other official documentation showing their sources of earned income and the dates of their employment for the previous calendar year.

  2. If requested, a completed and signed IRS form 4506-T (or any successor form) designating Univ.AI as the recipient of their tax return information for returns covering any months for which they are required to make a monthly payment, dated no earlier than 30 days before the date they provide it to Univ.AI 

During the program, you must meet the following requirements to keep your ISA valid:

  • Maintain at least 80% attendance during each module
  • Submit all the assignments.
  • Submit all required module-end projects
  • Maintain a grade of B+ or above during the entire program

If any of these conditions is not met, your minimum salary guarantee for the ISA plan will no longer be valid, and you will owe us a full 16% of your monthly income for a full 18 months from the time you start earning.

Withdrawal from program and ISA plan

If you wish to withdraw from the program after you are accepted and enrolled, you will not be charged any fee, if you withdraw within 2 weeks of the program start date. If you withdraw from the program after that, you will owe us, immediately, the program fee that would have been payable under the pay-as-you-go plan.


What happens if I choose to leave my job?

If you choose to leave your job voluntarily, you immediately become liable to pay the difference between the maximum payable for your program and the already paid amount.

What jobs will qualify for the ISA agreement?

If you work as an employee, independent contractor, or are business owner in any field or position for which you would not have been qualified, or not have been considered or promoted into, but for your participation in your Univ.AI program or the placements efforts of Univ.AI

Is the repayment amount on an ISA calculated before or after taxes?
The 16% is a percentage of your gross income, i.e. before taxes.