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India’s pre-eminent platform to recognise the best student talent in AI, Machine Learning & Data Science, brought to you by Univ.AI and the country’s renowned learning institutions.

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“Data science hackathons sharpen your algorithmic knowledge, improve your data intuition and enhance your programming skills. The more you work with data the better you get as a data scientist.”

Mathangi Sri

Top 10 Data Scientists of India
Head of Jury, IDSAI
Head of Data, GoFood | Gojek

Beginner-to-intermediate level Data Science/ AI Hackathons will be held each year

Expert level hackathons will be held each year



Co-founders & Affiliate Partners

Final presentation


The winners will be declared basis the raw scores followed by an interview for the top performers.

IDSAI Fellowships are open to all full-time students of all accredited educational institutions in India.


Cash prizes

You can win cash prizes of upto INR 6 Lacs every year. The cash prizes will be rewarded to the Top 5 rankers in every Hackathon.

Univ.AI Scholars

Exciting prizes to the 1st AI Evangelists* for inculcating best practices to develop a thriving AI & ML culture in their community.

Univ.AI Fellowships

Fellowships & certifications for the Top 10 rankers in every hackathon.

Evangelist Awards

Exciting prizes to the 1st AI Evangelists* for inculcating best practices to develop a thriving AI & ML culture in their community.

*In context of colleges, AI Evangelists are the Heads of
AI-ML Clubs

Recognising india’s most promising students in Data Science and AI

India Data Science and AI Merit List

After each hackathon, a ranking list will be released for each qualifying participating campus. Top performers at each campus will be named IDSAI Scholars. The ranking list will be created based on the cumulative performance of participants in all hackathons.

IDSAI Scores

Every participant, based on the initial performance, will be given a starting rating. This rating will change based on performance and improvement from prior performance, in every subsequent hackathon. The rating system will be designed for use by employers and others to assess participants’ proficiency.

IDSAI is the gateway for the most cutting edge internship & employment opportunities, worldwide.

Research & Conferences

Internships & Employment

Top rated fellows get the opportunity to work with professors from top global universities including Harvard & UCLA with research scholarships, live projects & more.

IDSAI Scholars and Fellows will have privileged access to the best career opportunities in the world both during and after their college years.


Subsequent Hackathons will be announced every 6 weeks.

Frequently asked questions

How should I register for the hackathon?

Register as a new user on the website itself by giving some basic information like name, college name, and email-id. Registration is mandatory for participation.

Can there be Team participation?

Team participation is not allowed, you must participate as an individual.

Are Multiple entries allowed?

Yes, multiple entries are allowed, but we limit the entries to X.

What all needs to be submitted as part of the solution for the problem statement?

Submission for first-round would include  Model codes (notebook), model output on test cases.  

Whom do we contact if we have any queries about the competition?

You can write to us at

What would be the judging parameters?

Round 1  Code quality, and model metrics

Where do we have to submit results/solutions?

Students are requested to submit their solutions on the web page itself, after logging in by using their credentials. If they are facing any issues while uploading it on the webpage, they are requested to write to us at

What tools should we use?

There are no requirements for one specific software or programming language use tools which you are comfortable with and which will provide an effective solution.

Where will the final presentation be conducted?

The final shortlisted teams will be invited to present their solutions to the panel of judges through an online medium. Relevant details will be shared.

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