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Learn AI from Elite Faculty

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Learn AI from Elite Faculty

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We train high-potential candidates for coveted careers in AI

Admissions are through an entrance exam and interviews
Working Professionals & College Students

Flexible yet rigorous learning paths that work for both working professionals and college students to build state-of-the-art expertise, and seek the world’s best opportunities in AI and Deep Learning.

We invest in your future

We are committed to making world class education accessible to all deserving students. We want to ensure that financial considerations do not stop you from making the right choice towards a rewarding career in AI & ML. We offer an array of tuition options including a zero upfront tuition and tuition instalment plans.

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Part-time Programs & short Sprints address your specific learning needs


6- or 9-month programs offer you the fastest path to become an ML/AI expert.

Python for Data Science

The objective of this module is to provide fundamental understanding of the python programming language needed to follow an introductory course in Data Science.

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Master ML & AI

Start with the basics, and become an ML/AI expert in 9 months. Designed for beginners with a background in python programming and basic math and statistics. The program guarantees sought after jobs to top performers.

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Fast Ml & AI

This 20-week program is ideal for product managers, program managers and others who work with AI engineers and scientists. For all others, this is an excellent first step in the world of Machine Learning and AI. Follow this up with the Advanced AI Program to complete the equivalent of the Master ML & AI Program.

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Advanced AI

15 week program for those who already know the basics of ML & AI (or those who have completed Fast ML & AI), to learn advanced topics like NLP, Generative Models and Reinforcement Learning, and to learn to build and deploy ML/AI models in real life settings. The program guarantees sought after jobs to top performers.

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Master Deep Learning

This 25-week program prepares you to be proficient at Deep Learning with specialised knowledge of Natural Language processing, Generative Models, and Reinforcement Learning, as well to build and deploy models. The program guarantees sought after jobs to top performers.

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Acquire exactly the skills you need with one or more of our short sprints.

ML/DS Basics

This 10-week sprint prepares you with the basics of Machine Learning and Data Science. In this 2-module sprint, you will learn exploratory data analysis, visualisation and modelling as well as inference and decision making frameworks.

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AI Basics

In this 10-week sprint you’ll start with regression and build your way up-to Convolutional Neural Networks.

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AI-3: Language Models

Learn Natural Language Processing in 5 weeks. At the end of this sprint, you will be able to build efficient language models, and tell how well they are performing.

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AI-4: Generative Models & Reinforcement Learning

In 5-weeks you will gain fundamental understanding of the concepts behind Generative Models and Reinforcement Learning, and learn to apply them to real world problems.

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AI 5: Productionising AI & Capstone Project

This 5-week hands-on sprint focuses on industrial AI concepts & practices. At the end of the module, you will be proficient at applying cutting-edge AI skills to solve real-world problems including building and deploying ML & AI models in real-world settings.

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Top Jobs for the best

Top performers in Master and Advanced AI programs are guaranteed placements in top-tier jobs. Learn more

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Placements Assistance

Our career office will work with you to bring you internships, job opportunities as well as research opportunities with faculty and partner companies.

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ISA with zero Upfront Fee

Depending on your entrance exam score, and employment status, you may be eligible for an ISA. You will pay a small deposit to reserve your seat. The balance of your ISA fees will depend on your earning a minimum specified salary upon program completion.

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  • Live & Interactive lectures
  • Hands-on projects with every module
  • Mentor-led labs and office hours
  • Peer-to-peer knowledge exchange

Meet Our Founding Faculty

Our founding faculty hail from some of the world’s leading institutions and research labs in AI and Data Science.

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