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Learn AI from Elite Faculty

Founded by Harvard and UCLA faculty, a true online alternative to the world’s top institutions for AI & ML. Meet the founding professors.

Rahul Dave, Chief Scientist Univ.AI
Rahul Dave
Formerly Harvard University

“Our vision here is that if you cannot go to MIT or Harvard, then Univ.AI is where you should be."

Achuta Kadambi, founding faculty Univ.AI
Achuta Kadambi

“I run the Visual Machines Group at UCLA, I’ll help you train to be an exceptional computer vision expert."

Everything is live & cohort based

Learn LIVE, from elite instructors

Short 15–20 minute segments, each followed by a quick problem, ensure engaged learning. Lectures consist of 2–3 such segments. Lectures and Labs are typically held twice a week for 1.5–2.5 hours each

Experience hands on LIVE mentoring

Lectures are followed by mentor-led labs. Mentors supervise groups of 15-30 students. They conduct labs, office hours, help with homework, and mentor projects.

Skill-up with projects in every course

Projects at the end of 5 weeks in every course teach you to apply your new skills. The finale for Master and Advanced Programs is a major project called the capstone.

Learn and work in groups for the best outcomes

Like at the best universities, you learn in groups at Univ.AI. Working together in groups with shared goals greatly accelerates learning and leads to superior outcomes. Hear Univ.AI’s students talk about cohort-based learning.

Receive placement support and personalized mentorship for sought after jobs.

Hone your skills through practice internships with faculty and partner companies.

Connect with future employers through periodically organized placement weeks

Offered Programs

  • Pursue structured programs or learn at your own pace with standalone courses
  • Standalone courses are available with certifications
  • Several programs come with a state-of-the-art employment guarantee for best performers

Guaranteed top-tier employment

Flexibility to help meet learning goals

Employment-ready skills after every course

The best performers in AI 5, our most advanced program with a capstone project, who complete the program with an ‘A’ grade are guaranteed placements from us at exceptional and sought after research and professional positions in AI and Machine Learning.
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We provide unprecedented flexibility to pursue your learning goals. If you aren’t ready for a program yet, you can start with individual courses, and later convert them into program credits, if you wish to pursue a program.

Each course is designed to ensure you learn definitive skills to apply in employment situations. For those who complete Master or Advanced programs, your training places you among the world’s best.

Our Alumni are at

Financing for everyone

Univ.AI makes world class education affordable. You can either opt for specific courses that meet your learning goals, or choose a program for a long-term, more fruitful learning experience. When you choose a program, you pay up to 20% less as compared to taking those courses individually.

When you choose a program, your payment is conveniently divided in 2 to 5 instalments, depending on the number of courses in that program. Pay the program fee as you progress with the coursework. We do not charge the entire program fee in advance.

EMI Financing
We offer financing separately for every course and program, to make your budgeting and planning more convenient.

We offer a limited amount of tuition relief to highly deserving students who do not have the means to afford our world-class learning. Learn more

Our Alumni

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Frequently asked questions

Who should take Univ.AI programs?

We welcome learners from all academic backgrounds - students or working professionals. Our short and long term courses and programs suit the learning needs of beginners, intermediate learners and expert learners, respectively.

What are the courses offered by Univ.AI?

Univ.AI offers certification courses that be taken independently for specific expertise at all levels. We offer five courses, in increasing levels of expertise:

  • ML/DS Basics: Certification course for beginners to get going with concepts for entry level professional expertise
  • AI Basics: Certification course for beginners in AI to for entry level research, employment or to prepare for graduate education
  • AI 3: Intermediate certification course for those looking to specialise in deep learning
  • AI 4: Advanced certification course to master deep learning
  • AI 5: Application of AI at the highest level along with an internship

All of the above are also available as a part of our programs.

What are the programs offered by Univ.AI

Univ.AI offers two short and two longer programs to begin & master AI & Machine Learning.

  • Fast ML & AI: Prepares you to succeed in early career opportunities in AI, ML & Data Science (2 courses, 10+10 weeks)
  • Advanced AI: An intermediate course for advanced AI concepts leading to deep learning expertise (3 courses, 5+5+10 weeks)
  • Master Deep Learning: Begin with AI basics and study advanced AI concepts (4 courses, 10+5+5+10 weeks)
  • Master ML & AI: Our flagship program to help you begin learning AI & ML and taking you towards hands-on expertise (5 courses, 10+10+5+5+10 weeks)
What if I miss live classes?

You can review recorded videos which are available soon after a class. You can seek help if you need any during your daily live mentor sessions.

Where do Univ.AI alums work?

Our alums work at Microsoft, Cisco, Mindtree, Deloitte and several prominent startups. A significant number of our alums choose to attend graduate school at top institutions. Recently our alums have gained acceptance to Carnegie Mellon, Harvard, UCLA, University of Michigan, Georgia Tech and University of British Columbia among others.

What kind of jobs may I expect after my Univ.AI program?
  • After Basic courses (ML/DS & AI), you will be eligible for most entry level positions in AI, ML or Data Science
  • The AI 3 & 4 courses prepare you for mid to senior level positions
  • AI 5 prepares you for elite opportunities in AI, ML and Data Science with state-of-the-art placement guarantee
How much mentor help can I get?

With all our programs, you get 5 to 6 hours of LIVE online mentor sessions scheduled per week. If you need further assistance, you can request for more, asynchronous sessions with your mentor.

Does Univ.AI offer Internships?

The AI 5 course consists of a hands-on internship opportunity in machine learning and AI or a Capstone project where you will work with Univ.AI’s partner companies or institutions to apply advanced skills.

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