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Getting a job

from free or low cost Univ.AI workshops and courses, and from professionals at top companies. Attend talks on data science and best practices in Industry.

Community Flipped Courses

We offer short courses on our platform with full access to videos, slides, notes and exercises. You can study these at anytime. We then amp this up by periodically running these courses as Flipped community courses with Labs run by our fabulous TAs

and QA sessions with our stellar professors.

These courses are flipped because it is your job to view the recorded lectures and read the provided slides and notebooks. Discuss your questions and understanding with your cohort of learners on our forums. Then, once a week, you will engage in a lab session with a TA, and a QA office hour with your professor.

Having these "choke points" where you get together with your TA and Professor keep you working and learning. Its like going to the gym and communicating your progress periodically to your buddies, who keep you honest.

Do you want even more mentorship? And the structure of a regular, university-like class and schedule? Consider taking one of our Full Courses or Programs".


Participants learn about a specific focus area - either something self-contained such as Calibration in Machine Learning or as a part of sequence such as Classification of text documents. Some workshops are offered by our corporate co-partners as well.

As in all our offerings, there is a learning part, and there is a doing part. These sessions are a few hours to at most a day long, and designed to power you up in small amounts.


How do you know that you are actually learning? And how do you know you are progressing? At GHF, there are multiple opportunities to assess yourself:

For this you must engage in continual self-assessment.

At GHF, there are multiple opportunities to assess yourself:

Regular Hackathons

Regular Hackathons on Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Exercise Bank(Coming soon)

Our Exercise Bank: Exercises of increasing difficulty and with spaced repetition so that you can test your understanding and recall over time.


A report to you on your contributions to discussion and engagement over time, displaying metrics such as liked questions and correctly answered questions. As your percentage of these goes up you know you are getting better and better




We have lined up a set of top employers to use our employment system, for both internships and jobs.

Now, getting a top job is made simple. And we can help you no matter your level: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

AT YOUR CHOICE, we compile your Course and Workshop completion, Hackathon Participation and question answering metrics into a score that is provided to potential employers.

Employers may ask you to complete, on our platform, one of a series of tests as well! These tests are made up of exercises such as the ones you did in the courses, or that you self-assessed with.

Career Development

Getting a job

In addition, you’ll be exposed to a variety of career related information, including:

  • Insights into ‘life as an employee’ in top companies
  • Personal Journeys of industry professionals
  • Pre-requisites and qualifications companies seek to hire data scientists/AI professionals
  • Information on career opportunities and access to career fairs
  • On the cutting edge: Talks on the latest in Data Science and AI

Looking for even more mentorship & college-like class schedule?

Consider taking one of our Full Courses or Programs

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