Geoffrey Hinton Fellowship

India’s pre-eminent platform to recognize the best talent in AI, Machine Learning & Data Science, brought to you by Univ.AI. The best talent will be selected through hackathons.

*The Geoffrey Hinton Fellowship (GHF) is currently open to only Indian participants only. We will launch the fellowship for international participants soon. 


Awards ceremony

All the participants of the first ever Hackathon for the Geoffrey Hinton Fellowship, put in together 6000+ hours of work! We are thrilled with your participation and giving the GHF a stunning start!To thank you & to honour the winners, we invite you to the closing ceremony for the hackathon. We promise a great deal of learning & the opportunity to be a part of a star studded discussion on your careers in Data Science, AI & Machine Learning.



29th May 2021 | Saturday

6:00 P.M. IST

Selection process


Geoffrey Hinton Fellows will be selected from top hackathon performers on the basis of hackathon scores followed by an interview.

GHF is a community for identifying the top talent in the country from amongst a pool of high potential Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning & Data Science enthusiasts who would like to leverage the knowledge and learning opportunities that the fellowship brings.

Beginner-to-intermediate level Data Science/ AI Hackathons will be held each year

Expert level hackathons will be held each year



Geoffrey Hinton Fellows

Top 5% of all participants, upto a maximum of 30, will be named Geoffrey Hinton Fellows. based on their scores on GHF Leaders List.

Geoffrey Hinton Campus Scholars

The top 5% on each qualifying* college campus, upto a maximum of 10, will be named Geoffrey Hinton Campus Scholars.

*Colleges in which there is a student club affiliated with GHF.

Jury Members

PIcture of Mathangi Sri
Mathangi Sri

Head of Data, Gojek (GoFood)
Former Head of Data Science, PhonePe
Top 10 Data Scientists of India (Analytics India Magazine), Head of Jury, GHF

Shailesh Kumar

Chief Data Scientist,  Reliance JIO
Visiting Faculty, Machine Learning, ISB
Former VP, Data Science, Ola

Atul Tripathi

Principal Data Scientist, Tech Mahindra
Former Data Scientist, National Security Council Secretariat, Prime Minister’s Office

Aravind Kumar

Principal Data Scientist at
Guest Faculty BIM Trichy,
IIIT SricityFormer Data Scientist at Bounty App
Former Data Engineer at

Mahesh Ghanta

Data Scientist at PhonePe
Former Assistant Vice President (Data Scientist)  CITI


Rewards for Students Only leaderboard:
  1. The first position holder in the students category wins a cash prize of ₹25,000.
  2. Participants holding 2nd to 5th positions in the students category will be awarded a cash prize of ₹5,000 each.
  3. Participants holding in the students category 6th to 25th positions will receive Amazon gift vouchers worth ₹500.
Rewards for Students + Working Professional leaderboard:
  1. The national winner of the second edition of the GHF Hackathon wins a cash prize of ₹50,000.
  2. The top 10% rankers in the hackathon will receive a merit certificate recognising the same.

Grand Prize

Twice a year, on every 4th Hackathon, the top performer based on their best 2 scores in the previous 3 hackathons will be awarded a grand prize of ₹1,50,000.

GHF Leaders List

GHF Fellowships and Scholarships are awarded for consistent excellence, and high performance in Data Science and AI.

A GHF Leaders List will be created after each GHF hackathon. After the first three hackathons, a GHF Leaders List will be created based on the participants’ two best scores of the three immediately preceding three hackathons.

Participants will be ranked in two ways:

  1. National Rank, amongst all participants.
  2. Campus Rank, calculated among participants from each campus.

Top 5% of participants [max 30] on the GHF Leaders List will be named Geoffrey Hinton Fellows.

The top 5% on each qualifying campus* [max 10] will be named Geoffrey Hinton Campus Scholars.

The most recent list of all Fellows and Campus Scholars will be published on our website.

*Awards in the first two hackathons will be based on scores in the same hackathons.

The Geoffrey Hinton fellowship is the gateway for the most cutting edge internship, employment & research opportunities, worldwide.

Research & Conferences

Internships & Employment

Fellows and Campus Scholars will get opportunities to work with professors from top global universities including Harvard & UCLA on research, live projects & more.

Geoffrey Hinton Fellows and Campus Scholars will have privileged access to the best career opportunities in the world.

Co-hosting partners

Dev Club, IIT-Delhi
Analytics Club
Consulting & Analytics Club
Analytics Club
Vision and Language Group, IIT-Roorkee
Association for Computing Machinery, MIT-Manipal
DSC, MIT-Manipal
ML4E Club, NIT-Rourkela
BDAC Cell,NIT-Warangal
Club Of Programmers, IIT-BHU
AI Club, IIT-Dharwad
DSC, IIT-Patna
Computer Coding Club

Frequently asked questions

How can I participate in the hackathon?

Register as  a new user on the website itself by giving some basic information like name,  college name, and email-id after clicking on Apply button in the Hackathons  section. Registration is mandatory for  participation.

Can there be Team participation?

Team  participation is not allowed, you must participate as an  individual.

Are multiple entries allowed for the solution?

Yes,  multiple entries are allowed, but we limit the entries to 3.

What all needs to be submitted as part of the solution for the problem statement?

Submission  for first-round would include & Model codes (notebook), model output  on test cases.

Whom do we contact if we have any queries about the competition?

You can  write to us at

Selection process for Hackathon 1?

Round 1:  Model evaluation metrics score

Round 2: Top 10 participants  Interview by Jury members (Final Presentation)

Where do we have to submit the solution?

Students are  requested to submit their solutions on the web page itself, after logging in  by using their credentials. If they are facing any issues while uploading it  on the webpage, they are requested to write to us at

What tools should we use?

There are no  requirements for a specific software or programming languages. Use tools that  you are comfortable with and which will provide an effective  solution.

Where will the final presentation be conducted?

The final  shortlisted participants will be invited to present their solutions to the  panel of judges through an online medium. Relevant details will be  shared.

What are the prerequisites for participating in the GHF hackathons?

You will  need to have basic knowledge of programming (in any language) and data  science.

More answers

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