Geoffrey Hinton Scholars & Fellows

Inaugurated by Geoffrey Hinton in March 2021.

6-12 week, prestigious Scholar and Fellow programs for accomplished students and working professionals to advance their learning and careers.

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At Univ.AI, we seek to build an elite corps of top talent. As Hinton Scholars and Fellows, you will get -

Access to outstanding career opportunities
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Membership to a close-knit community of the best.
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Recognition for outstanding achievement.

Who is it for?

Hinton Scholars Program

The Hinton Scholars program is for students and early-career professionals who have a track record of high achievement.

Hinton Fellow Program

The Hinton Fellows program is for working professionals with 5-10 years of experience. Hinton Fellows are expected to mentor Hinton Scholars while learning alongside with them.

Both programs are invitation-only, however, you can request an invitation to apply by filling out the request form.

Hinton Scholars Program

For Data Science beginners

The Data Science Scholars Program

Go from an absolute beginner to a proficient entry level data scientist.


12 weeks


AI-1, DS-1


Part time, evenings only

For advanced candidates

NLP, GANs-RL, MLOps Scholars/Fellows

Learn or polish your skills in one of the following-


6 weeks


AI-3 (NLP), AI-4 (GANS/RL), AI-5 (MLOps)
(only one of the above)


Part time, evenings only


For each edition of these programs, the top scoring Scholar will get ₹20,000* in cash as well as a Distinguished Scholar of the Award.

*This amount inclusive of TDS deductions.

You will get to hear from world class academics and professionals, and work on homework and projects with a top-notch-crew.

Advanced Career opportunities

One of our goals is to provide exceptional scholars and fellows access to top career opportunities, in-person and remote, around the world. Through the duration of these programs, we learn more about you as well as your career aspirations. Upon completion with high grades (B+ or higher), we will (at your request) begin matching you with premier career opportunities.

How to  apply

Hinton fellows and Scholars are welcomed into the program every 6 weeks. Applications are by invitation-only. We reach out to you through your colleges and alumnus groups. To request an invitation please write to us.

Other application information

All Scholars and Fellows will be required to required to pay a non-refundable fee of ₹1500 in platform fees (we use edstem, which costs us $20/₹1500 per candidate in fees, we pass this through to all candidates) + a fully refundable seat reservation fee of ₹3500. This fee is to ensure that you do not hold a seat that could be given to another deserving candidate.

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