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We invite applications from students and working professionals with an exceptional academic record and/or a distinguished work or research experience in STEM.

DSLP Fellowship applications are now open.

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Data Science Leaders Program Fellowship 4.0

Univ.AI’s consulting arm is hiring STEM students and working professionals with a robust academic or research background. On being selected, you will train for the job with lecturers from Harvard & UCLA, and then begin your career as a top Data Scientist.

You must have a STEM background. Final year students, recent graduates, and working professional with less than 5 years of work experience are eligible. If you meet the criteria, we would like to consider you for one of the country’s top upcoming Data Science & AI positions.

Month 0
Get your offer letter

Selected candidates receive a job offer from Univ.AI or a partner company with compensation ranging from INR 15 to 35 lacs per year*

The Data Science & AI revolution begins here. Lead it.  
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Month 1-10
Train with top faculty

Candidates pursue our Master ML & AI program with lecturers from Harvard & UCLA.

Month 11
Start your Data Science career

Upon successful completion, you are assigned to client projects in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

* Indicative salary range

Meet the DSLP Fellowship Cohort

Saurabh Shetty

Senior System Engineer, Infosys

In Infosys’ R&D department, he contributes to research and development of multiple services in the domain of Natural Language Processing (NLP). He is a curious learner who never misses an opportunity to learn something new. At ICETS, he gave seminars on transfer learning methodologies in NLP.

Sudheer Talluri

Software Engineer, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

He is currently working as a Full Stack Python Developer at J.P.Morgan Chase & Co and wishes to solve real world problems. With keen passion towards technology, he redefined software development practices at Chase and wishes to became an integral part of the Analytics & Reporting team within no time while chasing fields of passion like Data science, AI/ML, NLP for more than 3 years.

Ekanki Agarwal

Associate Manager, Standard Chartered Bank

Ekanki is an Associate Manager at Standard Chartered Modelling and Analytics Centre, Bangalore. She is an Experienced Quantitative Analyst and has made significant contributions in the financial services industry. She has previously been awarded the Analytics Excellence for her Model Developer in Risk Analytics role at Crisil.

Ajinkya Dessai

Associate SAE, Extreme Networks

Ajinkya Dessai is an Associate Software Applications Engineer at Extreme Networks, a clound-driven networking solutions company with headquarters in California, USA. He is also currently a Deep Learning Researcher at the University of Michigan, School of Information and has worked on projects that involve Deep Learning models like Bi-LSTMs for an AI based smart listener, among several others.

Aman Jolly

Research Scholar, DTU

Aman Jolly is a Research Scholar working in Natural Language Processing. He has also founded Kryptotech, a bootstraped startup with the aim to develop websites using PHP. He has several projects, publications and certifications to his name, some of which are comparing SPARQL tools for logical inference in semantic web and consequences of COVID-19 pandemic on global maritime trade industry.

Sagar Mishra

B.Tech, IIT Dhanbad

Sagar Mishra is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at IIT, Dhanbad. He excels at Data Science and has plenty of experience in the field. He has worked on projects, one of which is a Multilingual Companion, ‘IsItCorrect’, that provides feedback on inputted sentences, useful for intermediate language learners.

Abhineet Sharma

Incoming graduate B.Tech., KIET Group of Institutionsat Harvard University

Abhineet is a 4th year IT student pursuing B. Tech. from KIET Group of Institutions. He has worked on several projects including American sign language gesture analysis using TensorFlow and OpenCV, and COVID-19 pandemic dataset analysis. Some of his notable achievements include securing a position in the top 160 in a GHF Hackathon, and a dissertation presentation at the International Conference on Soft Computing and Mathematical Modeling.

Pulkit Pradeep Gupta

Software Engineer, CleverTap

Pulkit Gupta is a Software Engineer at CleverTap. He has previously worked on several projects, including building a restaurant chatbot using RASA and also developed a speech grading application in Python. Pulkit holds a post graduate diploma in Machine Learning and AI from the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore.

Manikya Bardhan

B.Tech., PES University

Manikya is a student of PES University, Bangalore. He has organized several hackathons and also introduced over 200 students into Machine Learning at a university level. He has been the overall winner at the Unilever Europe and BFS Datathon 2020 and has many more accomplishments to his name.

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Step 1: Apply and get hired

Your application consists of a detailed questionnaire and an application test. If your score is past the cut-off, we invite you to begin training with us. After completing the first course (in about 6 weeks), your performance will be evaluated. 

Selected candidates will be made DSLP Fellowship job offers with compensations ranging from ₹15 to 35 lacs per year.

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Step 2: Train to be a top Data Scientist

Once you are accepted as a DSLP fellow, we will enrol you for our 43-week part-time DSLP program. This means, you can continue in your current capacity as a student or working professional until you complete the fellowship. You will learn LIVE from Harvard and UCLA lecturers through a set of hands-on courses and train to be production ready.

Learning Experience

Step 3: Begin your career as a top-tier ML & AI professional

You join Univ.AI’s marquee team of Data Science and AI consultants and immediately begin work on state-of-the-art machine learning projects world-wide. These projects span a diverse set of industries and applications.


Understanding contract ontology and structure to automatically classify and execute contracts, as well as to author new contracts.

Client is one of the world’s leading players in contract management.

Patient Characterisation

Project involves using auto-encoders on patient data to characterise patients by disease and lifecycle.

Client is a health-care giant based in the eastern coast of the United States.

Oil & Gas Exploration

Using encoder-decoder models to learn water pressure and saturation fields in oilfields to determine exploration strategy.

Client is a US oil and gas major.

Talk to our team for more information

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Who should apply?

This program is designed for high-achievers with demonstrated potential. Applicants should have a superior track record as a student and if you have already graduated, then you have gone on to demonstrate high-competence and exceptional performance at your workplace.

Students in their final year of College or University
Recent graduates with exceptional academic record
Working professional with upto 5 years of experience

Application Process


Submit the application form


Complete the application test


Begin training with us. Your performance will be evaluated.


Selected candidates will receive offer letters.

Cost of attending the DSLP Fellows Program

You will need to pay a fully-refundable, skin-in-the-game deposit of Rs 35,000* to attend the program.


  • Completion of the program
  • 80% attendance 
  • All submissions (Homeworks + Projects)

Why is there a fee for a scholarship/fellowship?

We charge a token fee merely to have your skin in the game. We’d like for you to complete the training once accepted. If you do not attend, someone else will be denied the opportunity.

Just so you know, the nominal value of the fellowship is around Rs.300,000 per person for an 11-month program. This cost comes from the enormous amount of resources and costs, that go into making this opportunity available to a select few - namely

  • Professors & TAs
  • LMS platform (EdStem)
  • Curriculum development
  • Cloud compute & other cloud resources
  • A team of 40 people that supports various aspects of your experience

Maintain Program Status

If you are selected as a candidate under the Data Science Leaders Program, then you will be called a DSLP fellow. In order to maintain your fellowship status, you agree to meet the following academic standards.

  • You will attend at least 80% of all sessions including lectures and labs
  • You will submit all homeworks, projects and assignments
  • You will work with your group members and homework partners as required to make those submissions
  • You will submit all course-end projects
  • You will maintain a grade of B+ or higher during the entire program.

If you fail to fulfil these conditions, you will be deemed to have a program incomplete and will not be elligible to start your job. Candidates with legitimate reasons for their inability to mantain program status will be considered on a case by case basis. You will not owe us any tuition fee unless you choose to drop out of the program.

If you wish to work with another employer post the program, you may do so. But in this case, you will owe us an up-front amount of INR 1,00,000 followed by monthly instalments equivalent to 17% of your monthly CTC or INR 20,000 - whichever is higher - for a period of 24 months (i.e. 24 such instalments) towards the tuition fee of the program.

Frequently asked questions

Who will I work for?

You will work for Univ.AI’s consulting arm as a Machine Learning or AI consultant. You will be assigned, from time to time, to selected client projects.

When does my job begin?

Your job begins after you successfully complete the 43-week Master ML & AI program, while maintaining a B+ or higher in aggregate for the program as a whole.

What if I choose to not take the job after the program?

If you choose not to take the job after completing the program, you will lose your DSLP fellow status, and will owe us an up-front amount of INR 1,00,000, followed by monthly instalments equivalent to 17% of your monthly CTC or INR 20,000 - whichever is higher - for a period of 24 months (i.e. 24 such instalments) toward the tuition fee of the program.

If I wish to leave the job, what is my notice period?

The minimum obligation to work with us, under the DSLP fellowship, is 18 months.

If you choose to leave the job after 18 months, your notice period will be 3 months.

If you choose to leave any time prior, you will lose your DSLP fellow status, and will owe us an up-front amount of INR 1,00,000 followed by monthly instalments equivalent to 17% of your monthly CTC or INR 20,000 - whichever is higher - for a period of 24 months (i.e. 24 such instalments) towards the tuition fee of the program.

Can I discontinue my participation in the DSLP fellowship during the course of the program?

You can discontinue participation in the DSLP fellowship. In this case, and will owe us an up-front amount of INR 1,00,000 followed by monthly instalments equivalent to 17% of your monthly CTC or INR 20,000 - whichever is higher - for a period of 24 months (i.e. 24 such instalments) towards the tuition fee of the program.

If I am not able to maintain an B+ average throughout the program, will I still be able to join the job?

Students who are not able to meet the required academic standards to maintain their program status throughout the duration of the fellowship, due to legitimate reasons, will be considered on a case by case basis.

Will I get to work abroad?

The majority of our clients are overseas. It is likely, once travel conditions in the world become conducive, that your assignments will involve overseas work.

Can I choose my area of work?

Depending on the selection of projects available, we may be able to accommodate your request to work in your area of interest.

I did not get accepted to the DSLP. Can I still apply for Univ.AI’s regular programs?

It is our recommendation that you do not wait until you receive the results of your DSLP application, to submit a regular application. Seats are limited and may no longer be available. If you get accepted into both the programs, you will have the opportunity to make a choice.

If you have additional queries, please write to

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