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Artificial Intelligence: Z

Master Certification in AI

AI: Z is a hands-on Capstone program, and an ultimate test of your skills and expertise in AI. This is the third and the part final certification of our three part Master Series in AI.

The program immerses you in a company or a faculty-driven research group. Here, you will work with stakeholders to define a project that serves business or research needs. You will then execute it. You are expected to deliver lasting business or research value to these organizations.

You will receive mentorship from Univ.AI’s expert faculty and mentors. You will also be mentored by experts from project's host. The top performers in the program receive guaranteed placement to sought after AI positions.

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12 Weeks


Live Online

Time Investment

10 to 15 hours a week


INR 300,000

(Interest free EMI available)

Registration closes

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Master Series

To start this program complete Artificial Intelligence Y or take a test.

Course Outcome

Who should apply


This program is ideal for advanced AI practitioners who seek the most sought-after, well compensated positions in the field.

See if you are ready

1. Knowledge of advanced AI and engineering, as exemplified by the topics in AI:X and AI: Y
2. You can either take both AI:X and AI:Y, or apply through an entrance test and a series of interviews for this program

Program Structure

Live online classes
1. Live Online Classes

Bi-weekly lessons with labs and quizzes

2. Mentor-Supported

Ten or more hours/week to interact with an experienced & accomplished mentor

Module end Project
3. End-of-Module Project

Complex problems that challenge you to apply what you learned

4. Capstone

10–12 week long Capstone Project with one of our partner companies or faculty

Program Faculty

No items found.

Topics Covered


1. Project definition
2. Project implementation, with deliverables including the process notebooks
3. The delivery of results/ products, along with the communication and visualization of data and results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Master Certification Series: AI?

It is a 3-part series where each program leads to an individual certification. 

  • Level: X is for beginners in AI
  • Level: Y is for advanced learners in AI
  • Level Z: Is for expert level practitioners

You can take these programs consecutively or at your own pace.

What are the resources I can avail if I don’t fulfill the prerequisites?

You can begin your AI learning journey with our AI: X program, followed by the AI: Y program which are part one and two, respectively of the three part Master Series in AI, if you do not meet the prerequisites.

I have advanced skills in AI and ML and wish to pursue expert level positions in the field, can i take this program independently?

If you meet the prerequisites of the program and do not wish to take the X or Y programs, you will need to take an entrance test for admission to this program. If you do qualify, you may take this module independently.

What kind of career opportunities may I expect after completing this program?

We provide placement support to all who successfully complete AI: Z. Our in-house mentors and global faculty will assist you to discover opportunities that suit you the most. If you finish the program with an ‘A’ grade, we guarantee you the most rewarding opportunities in AI, globally.

How often is the AI: Z program held?

New cohorts of the AI: Y program will be held every 10 to 12 weeks. You can take this program at a time that best suits you.

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