Phani Srikanth, Senior Data Scientist Microsoft

Phani Srikanth talks about the different kinds of Data science jobs available to data scientists.

Santosh Kumar, Machine Learning Engineer Lyft

Santhosh Kumar, talks about how formal training in Data science helped him fast-track his career.

Achuta Kadambi, Directs Visual Machines group

An advice to students on how to get good at Computer Vision-fast and job prospects in the field.


Univ.AI features an exceptional career management program. The program specifically seeks out the best employers for you across the entire spectrum – tech companies, startups, and Fortune 1000 companies.

Within this diverse group, Univ.AI will identify the most interesting and promising AI and Data Science positions, and provide opportunities for our students to interview for them.

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Placement Week

The program highlight is our Placement Week, during which students interview for the best jobs in AI and Data Science.

Placement Week will be held every quarter starting in January/February 2021 for our first graduating cohort.

Placement Week

Quarter 1

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Univ.AI is committed to the pursuit of higher learning by its graduates, especially those who would like to go on to Masters or PhD programs at renowned institutions around the world.

Exceptional students will have ample opportunities to build on their qualifications by taking on mentorship roles, and research opportunities among our network of elite faculty.

Mentors and faculty will closely help with such candidates’ graduate applications. Students that have worked with our faculty on research will have possible opportunities to continue graduate work with them at the faculty’s principal institutions.